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2019-04-26, 05:56 AM
Multiclassing is cool. It opens up a ton of different themes and character concepts that would otherwise not be possible.

What I don't like about Multiclassing is feature-hunting and power gaming it rewards. I know there's no point in fighting power gaming. But when I see a player being pushed into power gaming, even when they start out as a very narrative player, I feel like there are other forces at play.

The second thing I don't like is when Multiclassing affects class design. I noticed this during my Bard rant. I suggested front loading a lot of the features, and before too long someone brought up overpowered Multiclassing.

Multiclassing should not affect class design.

Classes aren't, and shouldn't be balanced around Multiclassing. The honest straight-class player should not be penalised because people found way to use AN OPTIONAL RULE to get away with things like Coffeelock and various Paladin combos.

I went on a long mission to adjust my tablerules to minimise meta-multiclassing and emphasize the narrative side of it. I tried a lot of different things. The problem was, some were Multiclassing honestly for narrative reasons, while other just saw it as a "clearly more powerful option".

I want players to be able to play what is fun, and have it be powerful, not them having to hunt down powerful options.

Having to hunt down powerful options is one the the core ways 5e CREATES power gamers, and I try to work against that as best I can.

At first I removed all Multiclassing except Cleric, Wizard, Fighter and Druid.
The idea was that players would have to use the "base class" for each Archetype.

This solution didn't fix much, and had its own share of problems, and was quickly scrapped. Next I tried banning Multiclassing all together.

This lasted maybe two days, until a player came to me with a legit narrative reason to Multiclass. And then it hit me. There seemed to be two different reasons to Multiclass: Class Features, and Proficiencies. There was a clear divide between those Multiclassing fighter becuas they wanted heavy armor and martial weapons, and those who saw it as a way to get Fighting Styles and Action Surge. I decided to make a separate mechanic for each reason.

Now you can take a level in a Sidekick Class to gain a bunch of proficiencies, or you can take a feat at level 4 to gain a specific Class Feature.


Multiclassing is a great option for those who want a bundle of proficiencies not available to their class. There are three Multiclass options available, the Warrior, the Expert and the Spellcaster. Apart from these restrictions, Multiclassing works as normal, and you can Multiclass freely into or out of your chosen class.

The Warrior
As your first class:

Proficiencies: All armors and weapons, and 3 skills.
Hit Die: 1d10
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution or Dexterity.
Class Features: Second Wind.
Note that The Warrior is not a Fighter. So no Action Surge, no Fighting style.

As your second class:

Prerequisites: Strength or Dexterity modifier of +2.
Proficiencies: Light and medium armor, shields, simple and martial weapons.
Hit Die: 1d10
Class Features: Second Wind

The Expert
As your first class:

Proficiencies: Light Armor, Simple Weapons, 2 tools and 5 skills.
Hit Die: 1d8
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Intelligence or Charisma.
Class Features: Expertise and Helpful.
Note that The Expert is not a Rogue. So no Sneak Attack.

As your second class:

Prerequisites: Dexterity or Charisma modifier of +2.
Proficiencies: Light armor, one skill and one tool.
Hit Die: 1d8
Class Features: Expertise and Helpful.

The Spellcaster
As your first class:

Proficiencies: Light Armor, Simple Weapons, 3 skills.
Hit Die: 1d6
Saving Throws: Wisdom, Intelligence or Charisma.
Class Features: Spellcasting

As your second class:

Prerequisites: Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma modifier of +2
Proficiencies: None
Hit Die: 1d6
Class Features: Spellcasting

2019-04-26, 05:57 AM
Multiclass Feats
Instead of a feat you can take one of the following multiclass feats. You can only take one multiclass feat. When you take a Multiclass Feat you gain a +1 to an ability score of your choice.

You don't have to read these, you get the point. I simply separated the "general proficiencies" from the "specific class features", and with it eliminated meta-multiclassing, worries about front loaded classes, and still kept all the same character concepts available.
Don't evaluate these, it's all work in progress. I just wanted to share the concept :)

Fighting Style
You gain one fighting style of your choice.

Second Wind
You gain limited use of the Second Wind class feature.

Unarmored Defense
You gain the Unarmoured Defense class feature.

Eldritch Invocation
You gain one Warlock Invocation of your choice, as long as you meet the Prerequisites.

Among the Dead
You gaint the Among the Dead class feature.

Fey Presence
You gain the Fey Presence class feature.

Healing Light
You gain limited use of the Healing Light class feature.

Dark One’s Blessing
You gain limited use of the Dark One’s Blessing class feature.

Awakened Mind
You gain the Awakened Mind class feature.

Martial Arts
You gain the Martial Arts Class Feature as if you were a 1st Level Monk.

Barbarian Rage
You gain the Rage Class Feature as if you were a 1st Level Barbarian.

Bardic Inspiration
You gain the Bardic Inspiration class feature as if you were a 1st Level Bard.

Wild Shape
You gain limited use to the Wild Shape class feature as if you were a 2nd level Druid.

Divine Smite
You gain the Divine Smite class feature, as if you were a 2nd Level paladin. The extra damage is 2d8. The damage increases by 1d8 if the target is an undead or a fiend.

Cunning Action
You gain limited use of the Cunning Action class feature. You regain the use of this feature at the end of a short rest.

Sneak Attack
You gain the Sneak Attack class feature as if you were a 1st Level Rogue.

You gain the Font of Magic and Metamagic class features as if you were a 3rd Level Sorcerer

Morphic tide
2019-04-26, 11:28 AM
Sounds a lot like Pathfinder Variant Multiclassing, where you trade a fraction of your feats for the iconic/role-defining abilities of another class.

Maybe expand on the example of Magic Initiate, in the process mitigating the need for subclasses like Eldritch Knight by having beefier spell slot offerings in feats, letting Fighters spend a few ASIs to get basic Cleric casting for self-healing/buffing instead of needing to play Paladin or actually dip Cleric levels.

2019-04-26, 07:10 PM
I'll definitely look that up, thanks.

I'm hoping to make it not too strong, since I need it to work with my Houseruled ASI's, which includes less powerful feats overall.
I'll make a full post regarding the feats, a bit later in development :̃