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Kevin Drake
2019-04-27, 12:02 PM
Hey there everyone, kd here. Itís been literally a year since my last game of dnd and I have been doing nothing but character building since.

More to the point, Does anyone know whatís the lowest i can make a characters intelligence without them no longer being able to understand commands and the concept of who he is supposed to be hitting. I just really want to make a character whoís strength is as high as a dm would allow me in character creation and every other stat is as low as possible (kinda like Vincent the vending machine, look him up if you donít know who he is)

But no joke I have been spending the past year making characters and also adapting my favorite PC (Thymomenos, halfling rogue) into various different formats. Cuz I contacted the dm of the campaign i had thy in about a mcguffin i got before I got booted from the group (for reasons unrelated to the game) and if i could use it as an excuse to use thy in multiple different settings and he said I could as long as the gm of whatever game I want to bring him into is okay with it.

Enough rambling from me though I really do want to know about the stat limitations.

2019-04-28, 07:12 AM
What game and edition is that for?

If you're talking about D&D, animals with and intelligence score of 1 can understand commands (if properly trained/pushed) and identify people. In 3/3.5 your intelligence couldn't be lower than 3, though (and I can't remember if 5 changed that.)