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2019-04-29, 11:40 PM
Greetings, I am the owner of a proud establishment known as The Lazy Rogue Inn.
A place where stories are told, friendships are made and adventures begin.

We are looking for Fairly Experienced Dungeon Masters to help run games for people on a large Dungeons and Dragons based community discord. We need people who love to create and craft ideas and D&D projects, build worlds and stories and take people on those adventures. Being a team player and able to be mature and get along with others would be great.
Our community is in need of dedicated and involved Dungeon Masters to help continue breath life through it.

Our hope is to pull in dungeon masters in that want to run short (or long) campaigns with members of the discord as well as one-shots and other events as well as to help teach new comers to our world of dungeons & dragons who want to get into the game as well as people already in our world who want someone to run adventures for and with them.
We enjoy seeing people make friends and create good experiences and memories with others and would love to see you join the community.

For whatever reason you wish to join us, we welcome you.

Please sign-up to this form so we know you wish to become a dungeon master.

Join us here!

Important Note
You must fill out DM Form if you wish to become a DM, otherwise we will not know.