View Full Version : Homebrew Paladin Oath - the Oath of Havoc!

Sparky McDibben
2019-05-03, 05:56 PM
Hey guys,

I have a homebrewed paladin Oath. I wanted to make a chaotic neutral paladin that could swing either chaotic good or chaotic evil - hence, the Oath of Havoc!

However, I'd like to get feedback on it, given how complex some of these options can be. Please let me know either a) potential game breaking issues from combos with other classes, b) thematic inconsistencies, c) stuff that just doesn't make sense, and d) grammar, word choice, and spelling errors.



2019-05-03, 06:18 PM
At first glance, I don't see any big issues balance-wise. I like the fluff as well, though I wonder wether giving the oath a more neutral name migth not be a better idea. 'Havoc' feels somewhat evilish to me, while many of the tenets and other abilities lean more good imho. Maybe something like Paladin of Freedom?

It might also pay to take another look at the spell list. There's a bit of overlap in there with the core paladin spell list, which isn't bad, but there's some choices in there that might not work as well with the paladin. Counterspell, for example, is a very good spell, but with a paladin's limited spell slots and reliance on smite it might be too resource intensive. Denying other people the use of their abilities also doesn't really fit the freedom theme imho.

Likewise, Chaos bolt will on average do 4 damage more than using the spell slot for a smite, but once the paladin gets extra attack, it's actually worse use of your action economy in most situations. As the other level 1 choice is an overlap with a good but somewhat situational spell that paladins already get, and I'd say that your 1st level bonus spells aren't really very interesting.

2019-05-04, 03:44 AM
I agree with Randuir here with perhaps rethinking the choice of spells granted by the oath- the list seems to be more mechanics focused than flavor focused.

I’d consider:

Crown of Madness - it may not be as useful as misty step or see invisibility - but it’s a great spell to ‘encourage’ someone to let loose and forget the rules.

Shatter - the the spell may not deal as much damage as other spells, but it would do in the pinch where a Paladin might want to break something to get their point across.

Charm Person - while magically compelling someone to follow orders might be a on the lawful side, using this spell to convince them that you’re a friend and they really need to break their mold, regardless if you just met, seems thematic. A Paladin with a good persuasion score might enjoy having this spell over others.

I’d have to look up more spells but these are the first few that came to mind.

Sparky McDibben
2019-05-04, 09:36 AM
Wow, this great feedback y'all! I fully expected to get this ripped apart and instead y'all have been so nice!

I'll definitely take another look at the spell list. I like crown of madness, and I LOVE shatter. I can see someone using that to smash cages or chains or just annihilate someone's weapons to prove a point.

I thought counterspell would be good to stop those enchanters from wrapping folks up in their wicked machinations, but you're right about resource intensity. I'll give these another look!