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2019-05-15, 01:46 PM
So I haven't homebrewed a lot of magic items yet, and I'm wrapping up a CoS into Rise of Tiamat campaign with a fun level 20 romp into the 9 hells to re-stabilize the blood war. What I was thinking is that Demogorgon was able to take advantage of the chaos that Tiamat's summoning caused to gain an artifact that gives the demons a serious edge in the war. I have racked my brain to come up with an overpowered something but am coming up dry. Any ideas?

2019-05-15, 09:40 PM
Woundrous Item, Artifact

Lawbane is a single seed of pure chaos, formed in the deepest depths of Limbo. It is rumoured for there to be multiple Lawbane seeds in existence at once, but finding even one is a monumental undertaking.

Once found, though, Lawbane may be planted like any ordinary seed. As soon as it has been placed in a hole and covered, it begins shooting out anarchic tendrils deep into the ground. These tendrils shatter the fundamental laws of reality itself, making gravity fail to work, spells unbind, and drives people mad. Left unchecked, a single seed of Lawbane will turn an entire planet into an offshoot of Limbo, with barest fragments of its past self.

Lawbane is especially harmful to creatures of order, such as Modrons, Devils, and Celestial Archons. Its mere presence is a disrupting force upon them.

Demogorgon has been searching for a seed of Lawbane for millennia. And he found it, early on in Rise of Tiamat. But in the chaos of Tiamat's defeat, he was able to USE IT. He had an agent plant it at the surface of the Nine Hells, and it has begun to corrupt the Lawful Evil with Chaos.

2019-05-16, 08:49 AM
That's EXACTLY what I needed lol. Thanks! Should make for an epic conclusion.