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2019-05-18, 10:42 AM
Oath of Assassination
Paladin with a smattering of rogue

The Oath of Assassination is for those who seek nothing but the elimination of evil, through methods others may not agree with. Assassination is the art of precise surgical killing, using stealth, infiltration, even betrayal as their tools in trade. These "dishonorable" tactics are seen as justifiable because they are the most effective; by killing only the most important evil people by any means necessary, they can kill fewer to dismantle an evil organization.

Tenets of Assasination

1. Evil deserves no quarter. Your tactics are judged as neither ethical nor excessive, only as effective. Nothing is beneath you if it is necessary.
2. Be unseen. A "fair" fight is a waste of your time and talents. Let some other clodhopper with a sword handle that. You do what others can't or won't.
3. Be precise. This doesn't just mean with your weapons. It means knowing your target. Identifying them, their crimes, their vulnerabilities, their strengths, and their habits, and it means no collateral damage.
4. Be pure. The art of Assassination is a window into all manner of evil. Only the most incorruptible can follow this path without ever succumbing to the temptation to kill for personal gain.

Channel Divinity

Shadow Walk: when you channel divinity to use this feature, you gain proficiency with Stealth and three other skills from the rogue list, or with thieves' tools. This lasts for 5 minutes per paladin level. If you already have proficiency with any of the skills (or thieves' tools) you choose, you add double your proficiency bonus. If you already have an ability that lets you add double your proficiency bonus, this ability can't affect that skill.

Assassin's Strike: the Oath of Assassination's signature feature, the Assassin's Strike functions once per use of Shadow Walk. You make a single attack against a target, with the same conditional requirements to perform a sneak attack. The damage is 1d4 per paladin level, and your Divine Smite can be used in conjunction with the Assassin's Strike. Any actual sneak attack damage you may have is also added.

Aura of Awareness: at 7th level, you gain proficiency with Perception, adding double your proficiency bonus if you are already proficient in Perception. You also gain Evasion during your Shadow Walk.

Death Mark: At 15th level, if your target survives your Assassin's Strike, you have advantage on attack roll a against that target until attack another target.

Oath Spells
The Oath of Assassination grants spells based on expanding one's senses, and enhancing mobility and stealth.

3rd: Disguise Self, Feather Fall

5th: Darkvision, Pass Without Trace

9th: Nondetection, Clairvoyance

13th: Freedom of Movement, Locate Creature

19th: Mislead, Scrying