View Full Version : NaturalCrit Homebrewery Formatting Help

2019-05-18, 02:41 PM
I'm making an attempt to use Homebrewery for making charactersheets (https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/SknHCIo24), which is working better than I expected. Still WIP, of course.

The only thing missing is the tables I use in old character sheet (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ag4aYd5aIX4MuESSH9wdQPXBBfIDy8Byv_8xHQa17fc/edit?usp=sharing)

A nice clean way to keep track of hit dice, inspiration rules, campaign notes, damage taken etc.
Can anyone help me format that for homebrewery?

Any and all suggestions on making extremely customized sheets is also appreciated :D