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2007-10-04, 10:14 PM
Ever needed a quick name for an NPC who suddenly became important? Writing a history but can't think of a good name for some ancient king? Did you want to add flavor to the town by making it "______'s Weapons and Armor" instead of just "The Smith"?

Let's get a list of names we've used and compile them. Use them however you like, contribute what you can. I'll probably end up putting it all together somehow and hosting it for easy access later.

Naming has several factors. First, there's simple names, or first names. For many people, especially NPCs, this is enough. Some societies don't use last names at all, in fact.

There are last names, live we often use today.

There are clan names, which are similar to last names, but some individuals have both a clan and a last name. "Burt Buttercleaver of the Hylar clan", for example.

There are also nicknames, which are an official part of some people's names.

We must also consider the differences in names for different races. human and Dwarven names are usually distinct from one another. Some names people use today sound distinctly dwarven to me, though.

Also, hybrid species usually get named some mix between the two species he comes from. For instance, half elves are usually given either a human name, an elven name, both, or some sort of fusion.In any case, it's probably not worth listing names for such hybrid creatures for that reason.

If you have an interesting naming system that a society might use, as a whole, then those should be mentioned as well.

Finally, if you have a name that might be hard to pronounce, please include a pronunciation. For example: Drizzt (Dritz).

Here we go. A point to note: I often use common, everyday names like Tom and George, so those are listed as well. I also often take names from novels and the like.

Human First Names

Male: Paul, Jacen, Jorge, Gean, Craig, Paraiah (Puh-riy-uh), Viktor, Kirtan, Glenn, Barnable, Jarne, Jerome, Reid, Waymon, Sten, Arturos, Alexander, Magnus, Caroll, Kato, Miller, Rayford, Chet, Gilbert, Lance, Thicke, Chandler, Okie, Nathaniel, Jeriah, Cornwallis, Hambur, Harris, Paris, Sam, Peter, Adam, Serkis, Dillan, Reiner, Tolken, Andy, Biggs, Raymond, Percy, William, Wallace, Burter, Buck, Zack, Rick, Bret, Eric, Krauser, Jeffroy, Gerald, Kyle, Donovan, Paithan, Troy, Jonus, Jarkas, Kleif, Aran, Soromir, Carlos, Adrien, Alfred, Gregg, Robert, Morgan, Allen, Tomkin, Hoshir, Jachol, Mirsath, Thyl, Lawrence, Hiddukel, Chris, Stevessey, Manney, Cintrio, Doggett, Arthur, Kanin, Abel, David, Odwen, Sid, Val, Dan, Riyan, Yates, Timothy, Jack, Alabastor, Stephen, Telo, Clyle, Raltise, Beironius (by-rone-ee-us), Myron, Ralph

Female: Champagne (Chane, for short), Priscilla, Gora, Sunshine, Jessica, Sydney, Christine, Valarie, Danielle, Ellie, Sabrina, Desiré, Helen, Adrianne, Clara, Melanie, Sera, Tina, Janis, Yvonne, Syselay (Sis-eh-lee), Selia, Norine, Delilus, Karla, Carol, Azalie, Lisa, Darrell, Charece, Alma, Jaklynn, Padilla, Nina, Sarah, Timomi, Crisis, Delilah, Rosas, Dana, Claudia, Elis, corinth, Miranda, Janise, Simone, Janice, Iona, Lorain, Gallela, Camille

Last Names: Leone, Baringer, Siprite, Leroa, Jenkin, Claye, Stotch, Ambleside, Lorrens, Hourfield, Sille, Ford, Dennelwhist, Keane, Lords, Farflighter, Chisuay

Dwarven First Names

Male: Laddie, Osgar, Chisel, Barker, Bert, Cosby, Onus, Drugar, Cedric, Denzir, Forrester, Clint, Apollo, Slade, Chip, Grant, Oztek, Praggo, Segev, Walvis, Gerik, Yarin, Jos, Masul

Female: Violyn, Coriander, Sophie, Sela, Faye, Prier (pree-ay), Bernice, Telsey, Fiora, Rosas, Sibel, Zera, Cylis, Micca, Dorothy, Linda, Opala, Esmeralda, Flora, Jasne, Sandy, Feylin, Torien, Myrdal, Maeta, Adila,

Last Names: Dudayne, Pelindeus, Cazelfrene, Oethia, Sonorus, Monthelm, Whitestone, Darkwhittle, Simoncelli

Clan Names: Miln, Dunnar, Bosk, Hyrsa, Sobra, Losgrov, Darson, Wagros, Tylal, Cador, Collan, Gordon, Adelain, Privol, Aslian, Evath, Morwey, Birin, Zerkyr

Orc Names

Male: Dalsh, Princh, Denego, Halazar, Clyle, Jog, Jehiro, Flunt, Worl, Kraclin, Vorg, Haplo, Budek, Sorl, Sonan

Female: Fodi, Popa

Dragon Names

Full Name: Algeghriadial, Bourus, Yngvelioskyre, Klaugosius,

Nickname: Pyre, Sidian, Scorch, Eclipse,

Goblin First Names

Male: Sodhi, Borod, Robglop, Pellez, Domoza,, Hazar, Jarag, Gromsha, Almosh, Chandar, Inoat, Jahnavi, Laroshin

Female: Jaki, Rouri, Zola, Thesa, Jodhi, Kelska, Phrynna, Lodika, Hinda, Shasha, Charl, Barbal, Milar, Pavla, Rabisa, Thacri, Thanys

Naming systems:

Traditional last name: Often acquired at some point in history for some reason, often from the name of an influential relative (Robin's Son-Robinson), the family's trade (Smith, Carpenter), or any number of other origins, sometimes lost to time.

Immediate Ancestry: The person's "last name" is the first name of his or her parent, often the father, though matriarchs will use the mother. Other the person's first and last name are separated by the word "of" or old language equivalent (uth, la, est). For example, Chadric est Morgan means "Chadric, who is the son of Morgan".

Origin: Some people base their last names on their city/country/kingdom of origin. For instance, Boromir of Gondor. That's all you need to know about the guy.

Variable Ancestry: I developed this system as sort of a mix between traditional last names and immediate ancestry for use with goblins, particularly hobgoblins, who are a major race in my current campaign setting. In this system, the child can change his last name at will, though the general intent is to exhibit your relation to an honorable person. Many choose either their father or mother (at least, early on), whichever they prefer or is generally considered the more honorable of the two. If, however, you have a particularly famous grandfather or great-grandfather, you might use them instead. Respect for your parents is important, however, so unless your ancestor is particularly famous or your parents are completely obscure/dishonored, the goblin most often uses a parent. The name is simply (Name) ("orsa" or "dorsa") (Parent's Name). "Orsa" means "son of" and "dorsa" means "daughter of". If the goblin uses an ancestor, he or she adds a "ja" (yah) before the orsa or dorsa for each generation skipped. For example: Robglop jaja orsa Jarag means "Robglop, the great grandson of Jarag".


Anyway, you may notice that I don't have much in the way of elven names. That's because I suck at making elven names. I'd love a list of them to choose from.

Also, good demon/devil names would be useful. Weapon and armor names, too. Whatever we can get.