View Full Version : Good platform for Running PTA battles off-session?

2019-05-20, 02:30 PM
So, me and a group I managed to scrounge together just had our session of Pokemon tabletop Adventures last night(or well, if we want to be super technical, it was really early morning, but besides that). I'm the GM, and something everyone in the group agreed to was that getting together (even via roll20 snd Discord) to do EVERYTHING that happens in game would just not be feasible for sake of story advancement and pacing. Instead any important stuff, like gym leader battles and the like, along with proper plot/story stuff, would be dealt with in sessions, but other things, like random wild encounters we could just deal with outside of sessions.

Now, this brings me to what I mentioned in the title of this thread. I'd need a good platform to runn these off-session encounters, specifically in terms of having an interactive map that both I and the players could do their actions on at their leisure. Now I came across PTA a prety long time ago, when I joined a game on here, and back then the GM linked us to some kind of site where it was pretty much a grid of squares, where each square could be colored and/or have text written into it. Now I've long since forgotten the name of the site, but I though something like that could be suitable? I suppose I could just use Roll20 and just make a map on there for each random encounter, but I find roll20 pretty... cumbersome in temrs of making maps from existing assets and for one-off encounters I'd preferably have something that isn't a massive amount of effort to put together.

So yeah, that's kinda what I'm hoping folks could offer advice with: Could someone recommend a good platfrom or idea on how to run these things? We're already doing a few house-rulings to initiative to smooth it out some.

Also, if anyone wants to offer any advice fror running a PTA game, I would certainly appreciate it.

2019-05-21, 09:23 AM
I think Discord has a "Share Screen" function you could use, alongside whatever map/image editing software you prefer. I've also had reasonable success just repeatedly copy-pasting map sketches into the chat.

2019-05-23, 07:20 PM
I've done this using shared Google spreadsheets, but I'm not sure I can recommend it to players who aren't previously comfortable with spreadsheets.