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2007-10-05, 05:33 AM
Hello all, I know another thread is going about but not sure my question is linked. I want beads of Karma for my cleric. The beads come on the starndard strand costing 25,800gp and come with beads os healing and smiting but I only want Karma. Here is a pasage from the SRD,

The power of a special bead is lost if it is removed from the strand. Reduce the price of a strand of prayer beads that is missing one or more beads by the following amounts: bead of blessing –600 gp, bead of healing –9,000 gp, bead of karma –20,000 gp, bead of smiting –16,800 gp, bead of summons –20,000 gp, bead of wind walking –46,800 gp.

Sow ith those pirce's taken off the total price the beads cost 0gp!!! but as well all know nothing comes for free. Now it says take away 20,000gp if the beads of Karma are not on the strand, so does this mean they cost 20,000gp???

Im a little confused here and really need some help, because I need a high caster level for creating undead and the extra 4 caster levels will help that:smallsmile: any ideas??? thanks very much in advanced.

2007-10-05, 05:38 AM
The beads of karma thing is one of those bits in D&D that, while it does say it in the rulebook, is not something you can sneak past a watchful DM, and one who sees you've done it afterwards is going to be a bit cross.

An orange Ioun stone is 30K for just a +1 level bonus. You might be able to get one that costs a lot less, or does more, if you make an item that does the same thing but instead takes up an equipment slot.

Edit: I apologize, I misread your post as talking about buying an necklace with beads already removed (except for beads of karma).

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-10-05, 05:43 AM
Yes, it is a simple fix. Just add the 20K to the price and voilà. :smallwink:

2007-10-05, 05:50 AM
Well I have jsut looked into it and you need to be 9th level and cast righteous might which is a 5th level cleric spell.
So if my maths are correct 9 x 5 x 2000 = 90000gp thats for it being constant. But how do you work soem thing out that only last 10 minutes a day??? im so confused at its friday, some one please help this poor sorry fool.

2007-10-05, 05:52 AM
Now that makes sense Lord_silvanos.

2007-10-05, 11:38 AM
As I said in my recent thread, d20srd.org seems to have implemented Silvanos's fix. Strange, considering they usually present material "as it is in the book," even if the book has a mistake, unless there's errata.

Lord Lorac Silvanos
2007-10-05, 04:42 PM
I have seen a few times where they have made up stuff without as much as a note.

I recall a discussion where a poster claimed that the SRD said something that it most certainly did not say, all because d20srd had taken the liberty to interpret the rules in a certain way without RAW support.

Obviously these examples are far between (I cannot even recall the specific text) and d20srd has many satisfied users, but it would be nice of them to make a note when they provide errata to the SRD, especially if it is errata WotC has not even bothered to publish. :smallamused:

2007-10-05, 05:20 PM
There is, of course, a secondary option for balancing it:
You can't buy or forge strands of Prayer Beads with beads already removed. They're package deals only, at creation. You want a bead of karma? Okay - but you have to make or buy the rest with it. A strand found with beads missing? Not an issue (it got damaged somewhere along the line).

Citizen Joe
2007-10-05, 07:34 PM
I made a similar comment about a Deck of Illusions... just get a bunch that only have one specific card left and then you don't have to draw randomly.