View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class Fixing Artificer....again

2019-05-22, 11:55 AM

I'm sure it's been done before, but I could not find anything really useful.
I need to bump down Artificer to about ~ Tier 3.
It may be worth noting that in our games Wands do not exist, and we have houseruled that any character with sufficient skill can take Item Creation feats and create magic items.
We also don't generally use shenaningans (such as dedicated Wights in Bag of Holding) and experience is more like a river than reservoir.

Would it be sufficient to:
a)Limit Item Creation to one class's spell-list (Cleric (no domains), Druid or Sor/Wiz), chosen on 1st level, and only for Wondrous Items (not wands, scrolls, staves, potions or other methods of directly imitating specific spells).
b)Limit Retain Essence to the items the Artificer had himself crafted
c)Remove Metamagic Spell Trigger and Metamagic Spell Completion
d)Remove Craft Homunculus (not so much for balance, as I just don't want extra creatures clogging turn order)

Should I also consider lowering the Craft Reserve (perhaps make it equivalent to Ancestral Relic instead?) or impose some sort of Spells Known limit akin to Wizards to the spells they may use for crafting?
Should I remove the caster level +2 for prerequisites from the definition of Item Creation?