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2019-06-01, 07:59 AM
I came across this paragraph I used for a game a few years ago, I may have written it myself but I might not have, I honestly don't recall. Anyway I was just looking for more of these, but I don't even know what term I would search for. So I thought that this would be a good place to invite people to make some up to share.

Here's mine: The player characters are the only survivors of a ship wreck. Their ship was a(n) (Airship? Sailing Ship? Star Jammer?), and their captain was well known as a (Pirate? Privateer? Merchant? Marines in service to the Crown?). The ship was attacked by (Pirates? Monster(s)? Enemy Navy?) and the ship has crashed somewhere in the nation of _____.

I would then invite each player to fill in the blanks and select from the multiple choices, then I combine their answers democratically to come up with an opening scenario. To clarify, this would be an intro for a sandbox D&D game where I mostly improvise everything or use random generation tables and rarely plan past the next dungeon crawl.

So what do you think? Can anyone direct me to a collection of these kinds of things? Do they have names? and if nothing else, can you suggest some more? (not that I'm incapable of coming up with my own, when gametime comes and I got nothing I always manage to come up with something)

2019-06-01, 08:05 AM
Do they have names?
Not sure if there's an rpg name for it, but it looks like version of Mad Libs, where you fill in the blanks on a story structure to give it form and context.