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2019-06-06, 06:36 PM
This is a fun barbarian class archetype that I thought up and have play tested. So far I have only used the claws in a combat encounter and I wretched a group of thri'kreen. I was just wondering if there was something that i should change or add, to balance.

3rd- Minor Mutation
Gain the ability to modify your arms and legs during rage. Choose one at 3rd. Choose more at 7th, 10th, and 2 at 15th.
Claws- Two arms. deal 1d4+dex or str slash damage. Attack again if the first target was killed.
Whip- 1 arm. 1d4+dex slash damage. 15ft reach. Can attempt grapple on hit. If the target is large+, go to them. If small- they go to you. Medium, I can choose.
Hammerfist- two arms. 1d8+str bludgeon damage on attack. As an action, pound the ground to knock prone those is 5ft radius. DC (8+prof+str) STR save to resist it. 2d8 +str on fail, half on success.
Blade- 1 arm. 2d6+str slash damage. Crit range 19-20.
Shield- 1 arm. +2 AC. bash- 1d4+str bludgeon damage. While have this, auto protection fighting style
Jumper's Legs- Standing leap is 10x prof mod. Doesn’t receive fall damage when active.
Knifelegs- 1d6+dex or str slash damage. On hit, can attempt trip action
Barbed Ram- 1 arm. 1d4+str pierce damage. On dash, can attack as bonus action. If have moved 10ft, 1d10+str piercing damage
Searing Maw- 2 arms. 1d6+str piercing damage. Ranged attack 30/60 range, 1d8+dex acid damage.

6th- Vicious Consumption
Can eat biological matter as a bonus action. Upon eating, you stimulate your mutagenic healing. Roll a hit dice and regain the amount shown. Get a tenth of the targets maximum health as temp hp. Can be used as many hit dice you can roll. In addition regain twice con mod when rolling hit dice on a short rest.

10th- Major Mutation
Gain the ability to modify your body during rage. Choose 3. Gain 2 more at 15th
Chitin- +4 natural armor
Spike Racks- Launchable spikes in a 30 ft cone. 1d4+dex pierce damage ranged attack against all targets within the cone
Prehensile Tail- Slap deal 1d6 +str bludgeoning. Slap into grapple
Bug Wings- Flight 90 ft.Can hover
Muscle Mass- +4 base and max str
Adapted- +4 base and max con
Many Jointed- +4 base and max dex
Tremendous- Increase in size by one category. Advantage on str saves and on grapples on the small folk
Miniature- Decrease in size by one category. Advantage on dex saves and stealth checks

14th- Biological Horror
Be able to use any 5 mutations at once, gaining more limbs as needed.

2019-06-06, 08:31 PM
The Major Mutations are insanely good.

Well... The ones anyone would pick are. The rest are meh.