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2019-06-08, 08:46 PM
Hello all! Long time lurker and admirer of all the work done here. Finally growing the umph to post my own work. PEACH at will!

Path of the Shaman aka Rage Mage

Your rage comes is not of mortal origin, but of the spirits that swirl within and around you. You channel the fury of the natural world through your flesh in a storm of flame and blade.

Lvl 3. Spirit Fury.

When you rage, your blood boils with arcane energy, whether welling up from within or drawing from the world around you.

You gain spells known and spell slots as per the Eldritch Knight, except you choose from the transmutation and evocation schools.

Your rage manifests the power within and around you. You gain the follow benefits while raging.

Your rage does not disrupt concentration.

You are able to cast spells while raging. Casting a spell counts as damage for the purposes of maintaining a rage. You also add your rage bonus to any spell damage you inflict.

You may use a melee weapon as your spell casting focus.

Lvl 6. Savage Magic:
When you cast a spell with an action, you may make a melee attack as a bonus action. This attack must be made reckless. You May apply reckless to melee spell attacks.

lvl 10. Arcane Eruption:
The magic of your blood bursts forth when you enter battle. you may cast a spell with a casting time of 1 action and a range of self or touch targeting yourself as part of the bonus action used to enter a rage.

lvl 14. Arcane bulwark.
Your skin shimmers with the magic you call forth, warding you from harm. After infliciting damage of any kind with a spell, you gain resistance to that damage type until the start of your next turn.