View Full Version : An Idea for a Spell: "Bugsby's Cataclysmic Toss"

Squire Doodad
2019-06-10, 11:01 AM
So I know pretty much nothing about D&D, but I made a joke spell over in the OotS forum and it sounds interesting.

9th level spell, Evocation and Force I think?
"Bugsby's Cataclysmic Toss": Basically amounts to making things go up and fall down very fast. I would define it as "a toss with sufficient force and speed to allow an object to be thrown from sea level to the mid-Troposphere (approximately 15 km up without any detrimental conditions or boosts)" In theory, it could even be used as a "makeshift meteor swarm" if you have a Mass version (grab a pile of rocks, throw them at your target; with D&D physics speed will make them into mini-comets). If combined with Feather Fall and a couple abjurations (protection from fire, protection from sharp pointy spikes that happen to appear, protection from annoyed DM), could be used as a way to circumvent a "no-Teleport" scenario.

Targeted object(s) take a minimum of 1 round to be thrown for any distance over 100 meters. Distances under 100 meters are instant. If thrown up, they take a minimum of one round to go up and one round to go down, with an extra round for every kilometer added going up and down. (Therefore, going up a kilometer takes three rounds, 2 km takes five, etc.)
Thrown objects take halved falling damage for the height thrown, half of which is converted to fire damage.
Thrown objects leave an impact crater of 1d4 units, with an additional d4 for each km thrown (100 km=1d4, 1 km=2, etc.). Objects larger than Huge leave an impact crater based on 2d4 for the range. (100 km=2d4, 1 km=4d4, etc.) Impact crater can affect anything that is inferior to I guess myrthil?
Impact deals 10+3d10 bludgeoning damage along with 5+1d20 fire damage. Also kicks up a significant dust cloud in the area, blinding anything in the crater, along with minor interference with electronics/machinery.
Things hit directly by the objects take the damage the objects take, plus the damage of the impact.

So does this sound good? It more or less would amount to a DIY meteor.