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2007-10-06, 01:45 PM
Um.. it there a thread out there for building an amzing sorcerer?

I have a lvl 12 hellbred(new race from FCII) sorcerer that will be working to set up a colony in the underdark and i have never played a caster before

2007-10-06, 01:54 PM
Amazing sorcerer at level 12, you say?

Metamagic Specialist Sorcerer 8/Fatespinner 4 fits the bill.

2007-10-06, 01:57 PM
o sorry i forgot to mention when i said lvl 12 sorcerer i ment it. the campaine im it is no prc for spellcasters as they are broken enogh already

2007-10-06, 02:04 PM
What is FCII?

2007-10-06, 02:04 PM
What is FCII?

Fiendish Codex II.

2007-10-06, 02:05 PM
Well, if that's your opinion, feel free to have it.

Tell me, what is your sorcerer's role in the party? Batman, Robin, or blaster caster?

2007-10-06, 02:08 PM
FCII= fendish codex 2:tyrants of the nine hells

hellbred is basicly somone who wanted to repent for there sins in the small time of there life bettween they can redem themselves and they are going to hell they are given another chance as hellbred they look like demons but the act liike paladins exept better they are the end justifys the means kind of people

2007-10-06, 02:12 PM
Solo.. thats why im here i dont now anything about spellcasters but i need a caster that can cover all the bases for building a town/caravan rest point. im thinking the wall spells and alarm and whatever else i need for that kind of thing

2007-10-06, 02:14 PM
i need a caster that can cover all the bases for building a town/caravan rest point.

Who else is in the game and do they share your agenda? Your optimal choices will depend on available resources (read: "friends").

2007-10-06, 02:17 PM
You will want to read this. Though designed for wizards, much of the advice carries over for sorcerers as well.


2007-10-06, 02:40 PM
Ah yes - the TLN's Batman guide. A well-played Sorcerer's known list looks a lot like the "unknown adventure" day of the Generic Batman Wizard.

If you're expecting to solo, though, I can't recommend Sorcerer. A sorcerer is made of glass to a goodly extent; you want a Cleric or Druid, mostly for the extra HP and AC. The Fort saves help, too.

Hmm... actually, Cleric would probably be best-bet for setting up a colony; seed food for the initial setup, healing to attract those who might be interested, Wall of Stone for quick buildings, and the ability to grab specific spells needed on a day's notice.

Jacob Orlove
2007-10-06, 03:16 PM
Extra HP and AC? Just cast (Empowered) False Life and (Greater) Mage Armor at the beginning of the day, and your HP and AC start to look a lot more reasonable. Empowered False Life in particular can give you more HP than a Cleric of the same level, and Mage Armor is only the most basic of AC boosts available. Both of these spells can easily last all "day" (get a lesser metamagic rod of Extend to double the duration as necessary).

Clerics and Druids are, admittedly, stronger than a Sorcerer, but by the double-digits, any spellcaster should be able to run solo.

The key to a good set of Sorcerer spells is to pick your spells and metamagic feats together. For example, if you want to do damage to people with spells, you can take Scorching Ray and Empower Spell, and have both a 2nd level damage spell, and a 4th level one. That frees up a 4th level slot for something powerful like Greater Invisibility or Solid Fog.

One advantage you get over Wizards (and it's not much of an advantage) is Sorcerer-only spells. There are a few of these, particularly in more recent books. Spells like Arcane Fusion can be very useful, allowing you to cast a 1st level and 4th level spell in the same round. True Strike + Enervation, perhaps? Again, synergy is the key. Don't just take spells that look good, take spells that work together to cover all the bases.

Heighten Spell is an excellent feat for Sorcerers (though terrible for Wizards). Take a few spells with saving throws, then just Heighten them to your highest spell level when you want to use them. Again, it's like having extra spells known.

Tor the Fallen
2007-10-06, 03:18 PM
Metamagic for sorcs is a bummer unless you go the PHB2 variant.

2007-10-06, 04:04 PM
With the No PRCs restriction:

My first choice would be the UA/D20SRD variant Spellcaster (Arcane since Divine is treated the same mechanically with spellcasting as a Sorcerer and in game wizards are the only class that normally gets Scribe Scroll free so most scrolls should be arcane when you think about it) class instead of a plain sorcerer. IMO it was the first attempt by Wizard's to address what a full spontaneous class caster should be getting mechanically after they hit the new sorcerer class to hard with with the nerf bat.

Your PC would get access to all spell lists and bonus feats at levels 1, 5 and 10 (Decent options for those Bonus feats: In addition to standard feat options you can also choose Evasion, Turning, Uncanny Dodge, Sneak Attack, (Greater Sneak Attack (+4D6) at level 15 if you have 15 ranks in Hide and Move Silently which is why Intelligence could be better than Charisma).

I'd probably take a Draconic Heritage feat for an extra known spell at each level from Dragon #315. An Arcane Discipline wouldn't be a bad idea with a decent Wisdom for that extra bonus spell. (I House Rule that Sorcerers don't partially know spells so if they take an Arcane Discipline they add those spells to their known spell lists)

You could use those feats for a Reserve feat or one of the Complete Mage bloodline feats like Fey or Fiendish Presence or Legacy.

You could use intelligence instead of charisma for skillpoints if that is important in your game.

For your campaign theme. Would you and your DM be willing to allow a single PRC the PRC Paladin for a Hellbred since most are LG? The Variant Battle Spellcaster could make it work with Turning. With an Arcane Disciple feat you could be an arcane caster based on Charisma and still qualify for the PRC and SAD Charisma vice MAD with a Wisdom based Divine Spellcaster maintaing Char and Wis.

Taking the Spell Domain for Any Spell (0-2) and Any Spell Greater (0-5) or one or both spells alone would give your PC more spellcasting options in game with access to a basic spell book of useful spells you wouldn't normally take as known spells (Arcane Lock, Lesser Restoration, Panacea, the Adept Heal, Fabricate building things in your town, Scrying). A Battle Spellcaster - 7 PRC Paladin -5 would cast as a standard level 10 Spellcaster with one less spell level a day at each level.

If you are set on a sorcerer without PRCs consider going Stalwart Battle Sorcerer. D8 +2 hit points a level, No ASF in light armor, Average BAB, 2 Martial weapon proficienies: One for a single handheld martial weapon and another of your choice.

Determine if a Stalwart Kobold Battle Sorcerer with the Draconic Ritual at a cost of a single hit point and being able to cast a level 7 spell would still be an option as a Hellbred.

The last thing to consider is that a Favored Soul (Good Diety) would probably work better for your theme than a sorcerer since you could take Anyspell and Anyspell Greater for some town building options. Your PC could be getting a second chance because he was tricked into damnation for his sins.

Dr. Weasel
2007-10-06, 09:16 PM
Whatever you do, be sure to pick up Rapid Metamagic at 9th level. It means you get to use Quicken Spell and Heighten Spell. (You can use the latter normally, but it's rare to be able to get through the Full-Round casting without disruption)

I've had very good luck with Area-of-Effect based spell lists, picking up one area save-or-die for each saving throw and going for general battlefield control/useful group buffs for the rest of the list.

The spells I've had the best use with were Web, Glitterdust, Stinking Cloud, Black Tentacles, Haste, Greater Invisibility, Telekinesis, Wall of Force and, depending on the rest of your group, Mass Enlarge.

2007-10-06, 10:04 PM
metamagic Specialist costs a familiar and will allow your sorcerer to use metamagic free fo cost a certain number of times per day.

its an alternate class feature that replaces the familiar from the PHBII

Its better than Rapid metamagic.

2007-10-06, 10:10 PM
You can also be a counterspeller if you wish, with Dispel Magic and the Greater version when you can get it. Get the counterspell feats (Reactive Counterspell and some others). If you stock up on general buffs (like Haste) and debuffs (like Enervation and Ray of Stupidity), you can also help the party out. Since you want to create a colony in the Underdark, some thematic spells such as Darkness may be appropriate.

Dr. Weasel
2007-10-06, 10:45 PM
Its better than Rapid metamagic.
Cheaper? Yes.
Better? Only if you don't use much metamagic.

It might just be my playing style, but I use Metamagic feats a lot more than 3+Int times a day at higher levels.

2007-10-07, 12:10 AM
Shhh! You aren't supposed to give away the three + int. mod bit away on the internets!

2007-10-07, 01:25 PM
(You can use the latter normally, but it's rare to be able to get through the Full-Round casting without disruption)It was just pointed out to me recently that even though spontaneous metamagic is a full-round action, that's not the same as a 1 full round casting time. Spontaneous metamagic explicitly allows no more chance of disruption than standard action spellcasting. So really, all you lose is your move.

2007-10-08, 06:31 PM
ok guys, sorry that i am never specific enough. i am core only, no UA or PHBII. it was a stretch letting me use the hellbred, but i am not alone i an with 7 other people, about one of all base clases but wis and monk, and the sorcerer is my class i am not changing it

2007-10-08, 06:47 PM
Just plain Sorcerer and No PRCs:

I like Improved Initiative for going first and Leadership for getting the most out of that high charisma.

Here is a suggested spell list from Neverwinter Nights:

Here's another at Wizard's: