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2019-06-12, 03:21 PM
Well, lets to do this thing. I have been working an adventure for quite a while now, and think that I've got the first part to a point where it is presentable enough to share. I'm quite nervous posting this as English isn't my first language and since this is my first adventure. I know I'm new on these forums, but I hope some of you are willing to look over what I've been working on. Any feedback is welcome; though obvious things like the maps not being final and the grammatical error are not what I'm trying to get out of this. Hope you can give me your thoughts on the design, word use, descriptions etc. That said, when in doubt, put it down below.

This is part one of the adventure. Players start at 1st level. If bits seem overexplained it is because I am targeting new DMs. There are a lot more handholds and in depth sections planned as part of the introduction. There might be some background info that is missing from npcs or locations, please let me know. I've got most of those written down for the introduction and separate in depth section, but I still might have glanced over some things.

Was going to post a link to my drive, but as I'm just about as new as you can be here I can't :smallfrown:. If you still want to give my work a look, please PM me (unless there is another way).

2019-06-13, 09:04 AM
My suggestion would be to post it in spoiler tags.

Quote my post to see the BB code to use these spoiler tags.

You may have to break it across several thread posts. I think you'll get more readers than if you link off-site, anyway, and people can comment directly in-thread.

brian 333
2019-06-13, 11:27 AM
Would enjoy going over your adventure. I don't know your native language, but in English only professors and English people care about grammar, so long as you get your meaning in there.

You can copy/paste large blocks of text from one kind of file to another to save time.