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2019-06-13, 11:29 PM
Umbral Summoning [General]

You are able to craft a summon spell into an umbra around another creature you have summoned.


Augment Summoning, Spell Focus (conjuration).


You may perform an umbral summoning on either one of your existing summons or as you are summoning a creature. To perform an umbral summoning, you select a creature within close range (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 caster levels) that you summoned with summon spell with a roman numeral in the name (such as Summon Monster VII; not merely a spell with the letter "i" in the name for example). Then you select an uncast summon spell that also has a roman numeral in the name which will be used as the umbra placed on the chosen summon. You also have the option of placing an umbra on an existing eligible summon (roman numeral in name) within close range (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 caster levels), but this requires the same casting time as the spell used for the umbra would normally require. Whenever you perform an umbral summoning, all of your other summons besides the recipient of the umbra are immediately dismissed. If you summon one or more creatures while an umbra is in effect, the umbra and the summoned creature it has been placed upon are dismissed. An umbra can only be placed on a single creature at a time. If a summoning spell that would benefit from this feat would summon multiple creatures, you must choose one of those creatures and forgo the rest. An umbra lasts for the same duration as the spell used for it would normally last and may benefit from some metamagic feats (such as extend spell or perhaps a metamagic feat that modifies the summon) if cast separately from the spell summoning the monster upon which it is placed.

An umbra shelters and improves the summon recipient in several ways. It causes the duration of the summon recipient to stop decreasing while the umbra is in effect. It grants the summon temporary hit points equal to (10 x Level of the summon spell of the Umbra placed on the summoned creature) + Caster level. The summon gains all the special qualities and special attacks of the summon in addition to its own (if one or more special qualities or special attacks would overlap such as spell resistance, choose one for each case of overlap). Each of the summon recipient's ability scores recieve an enhancement bonus of the greater of +2 or corresponding ability score of the summon used for the umbra - 10.

A summoning spell benefiting from this feat is difficult to dispel. If the spell would be dispelled, you may attempt a caster level check against the dispel effect (DC 11 + Caster Level of the dispel effect). If you succeed, the dispel attempt fails to affect the summon spell. If you fail, the dispel attempt may still have to succeed on a dispel check to dispel the summon spell. This resistance does not apply if the dispel attempt does not have an associated caster level (such as a supernatural ability that does not have any easily discernable caster level). This resistance also applies against the protection granted by the protection from evil spell and similar effects (provided they have a discernable caster level).


The augment summoning effect applies to both the umbra and the spell you cast recieving it, but as it is an enhancement bonus, it will not stack. Similar effects to augment summoning that modify stats but do not apply an enhancement bonus will only apply to the summon and not any umbra.

You may replace one umbra with another by casting another umbra on your existing summon with an umbra on it. The bonuses of the previous umbra are completely removed and the new benefits from the new umbra are applied. This requires the casting time of the summon used for the umbra as normal and the new umbra has a new duration.


This feat is experimental. I do not know what sort of power levels it could produce. It's purpose is to cause casters to be more likely to decide to summon just one strong creature rather than multiple creatures. Cuts down on micromanagement, cuts down on turn duration, and makes summoning perhaps more appealing to newer players (I don't know about this one, or any of them really, but it's the hope).

I had initially thought of allowing it to be used on:
+The caster
+The allies of the caster
+Allies of the caster that can share spells
+Other summons

But I'm not sure about any of those.

The idea is a combination of umbras from magic the gathering (this may also give an idea of the visuals involved):


as well as a homebrew class (prc) that I'm just not sure about that would focus on summoning one strong thing, but malconvoker exists and blegh, so here's a feat instead (see feat described above: Umbral Summoning).

I may also be doing something with a melee guy base class that can get sort of a different bonus deal when moving then when full attacking. In like a million years, but it might be on the to (maybe) do list...