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2019-06-14, 02:54 AM
What do you think? Please no TL-DR in know it is long...Thanks

It has been 2 year 6 months and 14 days since you woke up not knowing who or what you are. Everyday is a struggle to find new answers, which drives you to find answers to who you are, and why you can at will change your appearance to look other similar sized two-legged creatures that you have seen and can mimic sounds of creatures you have heard.
Your determination over these past two plus years has given you the ability to survive and understanding of medicine. You have made some improvements to the healers’ kits and can stabilize a dying creature and heal the wounded.
The search continues, only thing you have to go off of is, this old parchment that was clutched within your fist when you awakened, and what you have learned since then.
This is the journal entry which reads:
The Date (Whatever date campaign setting takes place)
(The date on the letter was yesterday (from when you woke up.))
(SMUDGED Top Half)
Time of Death 22:14
Wait It’s Alive!
First Breath since Time of Death 23:54
I've done it; I've made history; I'll call it Variant Alpha the 1st of its kind
(SMUDGED last paragraph; The rest is hard to read burned and torn edges, smudged and faded words.)

The author may be left-handed from the looks of the writing angles. Look like the author may have been interrupted last word trails of in the middle of the word, not sure but their may be some dried blood stains.
Because of an experiment, which per the author of this note, was a success. The experiment caused you to have a near-death experience and was brought back to life. You always feel conflicted with this weird balance that you were dead yet now you are alive. That you can heal the dying and yet could take a life when called upon to do so. Are you the next Angel of Death, collector of souls, or Father Time, a giver a life, or what?

Class: Deathtouched Sorcerer 3, with Quarterstaff, Meta Magic Subtle and Carefull
Background: Experiment
Race: Variant Alpha (A.k.a Changeling)


Looking to see what you all think of my new character.

Background: Experiment
• Why was it created: To be the first of a new race. (Variant Alpha).
•• Almost died but was a success!

□ Personality Trait: TBD
□ Ideals: Freedom is unappreciated, and is one of the only things that deserves to be defended. (Chaotic)
□ Bond: I forget who I was before I was, "changed".
□ Flaw: I get distracted easily

• Herbalism Kit

• Draconic

Skills Proficiencies:
• Medicine and Survival

• A backpack, a set of common clothes, a sack, a lantern, two flasks of oil, a crowbar, a waterskin, a bedroll, incomplete lab notes on the experiment, 5 goldpieces, 10 feet of hempen rope.

Variant Alpha Traits:
Ability Score Increase
• Charisma score increases by 2,
• Dexterity or Intelligence increases by 1 (your choice took Dex).

• Chaotic Neutral

• In their natural forms, average between 5 to 6 feet in height, with a slender build. Your size is Medium.

• Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Slippery Mind.
• You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.

Change Appearance.
• As an action, you can transform your appearance or revert to your natural form.
• You can’t duplicate the appearance of a creature you’ve never seen, and you revert to your natural form if you die.
• You decide what you look like, including your height, weight, facial features, the sound of your voice (if heard can match), coloration, hair length, sex, and any other distinguishing characteristics.
• You can make yourself appear as a member of another race, though none of your game statistics change. You also can’t appear as a creature of a different size than you, and your basic shape stays the same; if you’re bipedal, you can’t use this trait to become quadrupedal, for instance.
• Your clothing and other equipment don’t change in appearance, size, or shape to match your new form, requiring you to keep a few extra outfits on hand to make the most compelling disguise possible.

• Even to the most astute observers, your ruse is usually indiscernible. If you rouse suspicion, or if a wary creature suspects something is amiss, you have advantage on any Charisma (Deception) check you make to avoid detection.

• You are inherently skilled in deception, and though you cannot actually detect thoughts, you can intuitively read body language and attitude with surprising accuracy. You are proficient in Deception and 1 or your choice from Intimidation, Insight, or Persuasion.

Slippery Mind.
• You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.

Natural Linguist.
• You can speak, read, and write Common and two other languages of your choice.

Unsettling Visage
• When a creature you can see makes an attack roll against you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the roll. You must use this feature before knowing whether the attack hits or misses.
• Using this trait reveals your shapeshifting nature to any creature within 30 feet that can see you. Once you use this trait, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Divergent Persona
• You gain proficiency with one tool of your choice. Define a unique identity associated with that proficiency; establish the name, race, gender, age, and other details. While you are in the form of this persona, the related proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses that proficiency. (Took Forgery Kit, & Persona based off of the movie A Knight's Tale's version of Geoffrey Chaucer.)

Class: Sorcerer with quarterstaff
Bloodline: Deathtouched

Deathtouched Bloodline:
• Your innate magic comes from a past encounter with death.
• You gain resistance to necrotic damage.
• You also learn one necromancy cantrip from any class and does not count against your number of cantrips known.
•• (Cantrip chosen: Spectral Scythe, While gripping a staff with both hands, you can use one action to create a blade of necrotic energy in the shape of a reaper's scythe at the end of the staff. The blade does 1d6 necrotic damage in addition to the regular damage of the staff, and so long as you are proficient with the staff, you are proficient with this weapon.
The spell ends if you no longer touching the staff or if you recast this spell.
The spell’s damage increases by 1d6 when you reach 5th level(2d6), 11th level(3d6), and 17th level(4d6).)

• You also gain +1 HP for each sorcerer level.
• At Sorcerer level 10, you become immune to necrotic damage.

Expanded Spell Lists
•You gain access to the following spells. They are sorcerer spells for you, they do not count towards your spells known.

Spell Level Spells
1st inflict wounds
2nd ray of enfeeblement
3rd vampiric touch
4th death ward
5th raise dead
6th harm
7th Resurrect
8th clone

Memories of the Fallen:
• At 1st level, you gain the ability to access the memories of the deceased. By preforming a 1 minute ritual touch on a corpse, You can gain insight into how that creature died. This feature can only be used once per corpse

Pain of the Witness
With every death witnessed you watch the Deathtouched Necrotic energy leaps from its body and like a lurking shadow moving across the ground to the recently departed. The black shadow surrounds the corpse and then disappears from view as it enters the body through any and all orifices.
Protecting the the brain for its memories. You loses 1 HP for every death witnessed. Can be regained with using Memories of the Fallen

Memories of the Fallen (Witnessed)
The necrotic energy that left your body was preserving it's mind, now returns to you upon your touching of the corpse, gain 1HP
At 1st level, you gain the ability to access the memories of the deceased. By preforming a 1 minute ritual touch on a corpse.
You witnessed that creature’s death, therefore, you gain a random memory from the corpse.
This feature can only be used once per corpse

Angel of Death
Starting at 1st level, As an action, Summon back all of the necrotic energy that left it's host and regain 1+1d4 HP for every death witnessed, any HP gained over MAX HP is rolled over into TEMP HP that last until next long rest.
*1.) Using this ability, will prevent you from using **Memories of the Fallen**, (unless you spend a Sorcery Point, then you will gain all random memories at once, with 25% change of being stunned for 1 round*
*2.) As the souls and necrotic energy leaves the remains they begin to rapidly decomposing the remains and items carried and/or worn in to mulch and soil, any metallic items will also rust/corrode away.*
*(Corpse to soil duration 1 min)*
You can use this once per short or long rest
***Gain 1 extra 1d4 healing die every odd character level.***

Father Time
• As an Action it can share the TEMP HP to a creature it can see, regains any number of HP it chooses to but not to exceed the total number of TEMP HP.

As it cast this the darkness normally around it from the Deathtouch leaves and then it unleashes the divine energy from within, causing a searing light to radiate around it. The radiant energy causes it to hover 10 feet off the ground. From your outstretched finger the energy bolts out to her recipient of life.
The light shed around it is a 10-foot radius of bright light, 10 feet of normal light and 10 feet of dim light.
Any creature within 10 feet and including you, must make a CON SAVE vs spell save DC or take radiant damage equal to the amount of “Life” being given.**

The Light fades and you return to what it was at the start of its next turn
You can use this twice per short or long rest.

Message, Light, Firebolt, Prestidigitation, Spectral Scythe
Lv 1:
Mage Armor, Burning Hands, False Life, Inflict Wounds
Lv 2:
Ray of Enfeeblement, Blur, Darkvision

Herbalism Master (Homebrew with use of Grom's Guide to Potion Brewing)

2019-06-18, 07:44 AM
Wait, is this a Race, a Class, and a Background rolled into a single combined thing?

The race part is strictly superior to Changeling, with all of the regular features plus Slippery Mind (twice).

And what the heck is a Deathtouched Sorcerer? It looks overpowered.

2019-06-18, 08:25 AM
Wait, is this a Race, a Class, and a Background rolled into a single combined thing?

The race part is strictly superior to Changeling, with all of the regular features plus Slippery Mind (twice).

And what the heck is a Deathtouched Sorcerer? It looks overpowered.

Idea that we are working on is a changeling aka Variant Alpha who gains his sorcerer powers from being touched by death...hence Deathtouched bloodline.
Since this post we have changed it up where every death witnessed slowly kills him taking HP = To Sorcerery Level, he cannot heal him self except for potions drank. However when his health is at 25% of max health he is at his strongest. Gains misty step like abilty as a Bonus Action called Deathwalk to disengage to go heal teammate. He's the healer of the bunch. But at 25% he goes blind but gains blindsight so he can't die outright from seeing a death. The father time ability is scrapped as of now. He gains the lay on hands ability with Angel of Death(AoD). The healing dice for AoD is converted to the lay on hands health pool.
If he is at 1hp all spell slots are reset/regained.
The close to death the stronger he gets.
Design is to be a support piece and the rp talker.

What would you do to make it better?

2019-06-18, 09:37 AM
You're piling extra stuff on top of existing races & classes. Whenever you add new features, you should remove others to keep the power level balanced.