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Reason: My setting allows "Humans from Earth." So this is a "generic hero" base class that grants heroic comic trope Exploits with archetypes that line up with classic comic heroes. Choice of Exploits and Archetype determines role. I'm working on a Shining Hero and Spider Hero archetypes for Green Lantern and Spider-Man.

Class is Short Rest dependent. You have a single resource, Heroic Will. Generally you spend it so you can add a Hero Die to certain kinds of rolls. Features are supposed to invoke the feel of comic heroes/demigods while the math breaks out to be on par with PHB base classes. Still looking for ideas for additional Exploits (you get 5, I'd like 10 to choose from). Night Hero (Batman) is a Striker by default. Hero of the Sun (Superman) is a Tank.

Class Table (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TufTOaDIu0M95fqZWzT98SxjbH0NTrYyjlPNRCIo2W8/edit?usp=sharing)

Base Class Features (https://docs.google.com/document/d/10-aPXri1jw1riFYuu7olrMsbL2cuV1XLG5YhKpeeANQ/edit?usp=sharing) (Exploit List)

Archetype Descriptions

Since Multiclassing and Feats are considered optional, my design doesn't take them into account.

Comments are open on the documents, all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Alright, I have 3 sublclasses for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman (or Hyperion, Midnighter, and Captain America if you prefer).
(added a 4th for Green Lantern/Nova types).

Hero Class
Hit Die: d10
Saving Throws: Int, Con
Skills: Two from Athletics, Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Persuasion, and Survival
Armor Proficiency: Light
Weapon Proficiency: Simple

Class table (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TufTOaDIu0M95fqZWzT98SxjbH0NTrYyjlPNRCIo2W8/edit?usp=sharing) shows d6 hero die at levels 1-4, d8 5-9, d10 10-14, d12 15-20.
Archetype features at 1, 3, 7, 11, and 17.
Extra Attack at level 5
New Exploits gained at levels 2, 6, 10, 13, 18
Ability Score Increases at 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 19
Beyond Reproach Feature at lvl 20

Class Features and Exploit List

Hero Class Features

Heroic Archetype
At 1st level you choose your Heroic Archetype. This Archetype determines which ability score fuels your Heroic Will.

Heroic Will
At 1st level you gain access to a deep reserve of willpower that allows you to exceed your limits and carry on in the face of adversity. You gain a pool of points you can spend to perform your Exploits. Your Heroic Archetype determines which Ability Score fuels your Heroic Will and any other kinds of rolls you can add your Hero die to.

You recover all points of Heroic Will after a short or long rest.

At 2nd level you gain your first Exploit. Exploits are specific ways your Heroic Will empowers to face challenges, a complete list of Exploits follows. You gain additional Exploits at level 6, 10, 13, and 18

Never Give Up. This Exploit allows you to spend a point of Heroic Will to roll your hero die when an attack reduces you to 0 hit points. At the beginning of your next turn you gain hit points equal to the result of the die. You must complete a Long Rest before using this Exploit again.

Unconquerable Will. When you are subjected to the Charmed or Incapacitated conditions but are not unconscious, you can spend a point of Heroic Will on your turn to take one action or one bonus action that disregards the Condition. If you choose to take an action to attack, you are limited to one attack regardless of the normal amount you are allotted. You may add your Hero Die to the roll for any action you take.

Mighty Blows. You can spend a point of Heroic Will to add your Hero die to the damage of attacks you make this turn.

Anything is Possible. When you fail a roll you can spend a point of Heroic Will to roll your Hero Die. You can then choose to replace the result of your D20 roll with the result of your Hero Die roll before adding any modifiers.

Swift Recovery. Add your current Heroic Will to the value of any healing you recieve or hit dice you roll during a Short rest.

Going to be a Good Day. At the end of a short or Long Rest you can spend a point of Heroic Will and gain Expertise in a skill you are proficient in. You can only gain Expertise for one skill at a time in this way.

Talk Me Through It. When an ally uses the Help action to assist you with an Ability check or vice versa you may add your Hero Die to the roll.

Extra Attack
Lvl 5 On your turn attack action 2 attacks

Beyond Reproach
At 20th level you are a legendary hero of such renown what you say is taken as truth and necessity. You have advantage on persuasion checks. Allies and non-hostile creatures are considered charmed by you if compelled to attack you against their own will.

Hero of the Sun Archetype
Hero of the Sun
Something about the Sunís blessings having to do with its reliability, always rising again, how it fuels life granting strength etc

This Archetype grants some spells and features that require Spell Attack rolls or saving throws. Your Spellcasting ability if Constitution and the Save DC is
8+Con modifier+Proficiency

L1 Blessings of Sun
You have a number of Heroic Will Points equal to your Con modifier.
You gain 1 additional hit point per level.
You learn the Bladeward, Firebolt, and Gust Cantrips.
When wearing Light or No armor and not using a shield you may add your Con modifier to your Armor class.

L3 Eyes of the Sun, Breath of the Storm
You may spend a Heroic Will point to cast Scorching Ray or Gust of Wind as second level spells. At levels 7, 11, and 15, these spells improve as if you had cast them with a higher level slot to a maximum of 5th level. At level 17 you can instead choose to cast Sunbeam or Cone of Cold.

Alternatively, you may spend a Heroic Will Point to cast any of your Hero Cantrips as a bonus action.

L7 Horizon Breaker
You Jumping distances are tripled. When you move you can choose to perform a standing leap instead. You move in one direction and the height of your leap is equal to half the distance you travel. The length of this jump is not limited by your Speed, however your movement ends when you land, though you may choose to dash normally, jumping again if you choose. If you choose to make attacks during your movement, you can direct no more than 1 attack at each creature you move adjacent to. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

L11 Titanís Physique
You gain proficiency in Athletics. If youíre already proficient you gain Expertise. When attempting a Strength Ability check you can spend 1 or more points of Heroic Will. Each point spent allows you to count as one size category larger for the purposes of weight you can push, lift, or drag.

L17 Sentinel of Sunforged Steel
When you take damage, you can spend a Heroic Will Point to roll your Hero die and add your Con modifier. You reduce damage from all sources by the result until the end of your next turn.

Night Hero Archetype
Hero of the Night
Something something dedication, perseverance, something something preparation. You have Heroic Will points equal to your Intelligence Bonus.

This Archetype grants some spells and features that require Spell Attack rolls or saving throws. Your Spellcasting ability if Constitution and the Save DC is
8+Intelligence modifier+Proficiency bonus

L1 Unnatural Focus
Your unnatural drive and dedication have made you adept in numerous disciplines and your attention to detail allows you to capitalize on a foeís lack of readiness.
-You gain proficiency in Stealth or Investigation, and Thieves Tools if you arenít already proficient.
-You gain proficiency in Hand Crossbows, whips, and nets.
-You may always spend a point of Heroic Will to add your Hero die to a Stealth or Investigation roll.
-Once per turn, When you have advantage on an attack roll you deal additional damage equal to your hero die on a hit.
-If you hit a surprised creature, treat your Hero die as if it had rolled the maximum result.

L3 Wonderful Toys
At level 11 your varied studies yield unexpected results. Choose 2 of the following items. You develop a schematic that you or another artisan can follow to create the listed item for half the list price. You develop an additional schematic at level 16 and another at level 20.
-Smoke Grenade. 10gp. You can detonate one of these devices as a bonus action to create a 15ft cube of heavily spiced smoke that lingers in its space for 1 minute unless moved by weak winds (traveling 10ft per round) or dispersed by a high wind. The smoke provides total concealment. Upon entering the cloud, creatures that track by scent have disadvantage on all checks to track for 1 hour.
-Compass Beacon. 1500gp. This item typically looks like a 3 ft long steel cylinder capped with a gemstone of some kind. It comes coupled with a Compass that is attuned to the gemstone and always points to it if itís within 1 mile. Each additional compass increases the cost of this item by 150gp.
-High Grade Ration. 10gp. these nutrition dense wafers are filled with a proprietary blend of dried monster entrails and bone meal that enhance the bodyís ability to recover from fatigue. Each High Grade Ration contains a full dayís worth of nutrients and allows you to treat 4 hours of rest like 8. You can only benefit from 1 high grade ration per day. Theyíre better with hot sauce.
-Auto-Grapple. 50gp. This modified hand crossbow can be fired as an action. You fire a grappling claw at a target up to 40 feet away and the device immediately reels you to the target. If you fire at an unsecured object weighing less than you, the object is pulled to you instead. You can use this device 5 times before it needs to be replaced. The DM may require an Athletics check to determine if you hit a small or moving target. If the target is a creature, it opposes the roll with Athletics or Acrobatics as normal.
-Sleep Poison. 30gp. This toxin is similar to what the Drow use but maintains its effects whether inhaled, injected or ingested. An exposed creature must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution save or fall asleep.. This is not a magical slumber, persistent loud noise or disturbance will awaken the creature at the end of its next turn.
-Balloon Army. 15gp. You construct 3 tokens similar in size to coins. As an action you can deploy 1 to 3 of these tokens which expand into rough approximations of your own silouhette. The space they occupy is rough terrain and creatures can take cover behind them. If you are adjacent to a deployed token and both you and it are partially obscured you gain the benefit of the Mirror Image spell.
L7 Boon Companion
At the end of a long rest you may choose a friendly creature with a CR or level equal to or less than your Hero level. You have advantage when attacking any creature adjacent to your Boon Companion if your Boon Companion isnít Incapacitated.

Additionally when you exhuast your Heroic Will you can regain a measure of it by aiding your Boon Companion. If you take the Help action to assist your Boon Companion you regain a number of Heroic Will points equal to their Charisma modifier (Minimum 1). You cannot use this benefit again until you complete a Long rest.

L11 Preparation is Key
By forgoing the benefit of a rest you gain the benefit of foreknowledge. Skipping a short rest allows you to cast Augury. Casting the spell in this way does not suffer from the potential failures for successive castings. At level 10 you can also choose to skip a long rest. Doing so allows you to gain one of the following benefits-
Benefits of the Commune spell
The location and nature of a number of traps equal to your intelligence bonus (the DM should alert you to their presence when they become a danger).
The Resistances, Immunities, and Vulnerabilities of one creature you are likely to encounter

L17 Treacherous Face of the Moon
You can perform a 10 minute Ritual to gain the effects of Disguise Self and Alter Self. This disguise lasts up to half your level in hours and does not require concentration. It can transform your normal equipment into equipment appropriate to your disguise (such as a crowbar becoming a signet ring). These forgeries are exceedingly difficult to spot and attempts to identifiy them as such have disadvantage. Spells such as Detect Magic and even Truesight fail to register the items or the Disguise as magical or altered unless the caster uses an Action to make an Investigation check vs your Spell Save DC.

If you engage one or more creatures in conversation for at least 1 minute you may attempt a Deception check opposed by their Insight. On a success, if you choose to attack them, they will be Surprised.

Hero of Unity Archetype
Hero of Unity
A Hero of Unity is capable of bringing people together. They stand strong in the face of adversity as a paragon of what each can accomplish individually, and how much more can be achieved by working together. You have Heroic Will points equal to your Charisma modifier.

This Archetype grants some spells and features that require Spell Attack rolls or saving throws. Your Spellcasting ability if Constitution and the Save DC is
8+Charisma modifier+Proficiency bonus

L1 Symbol of Hope
Beginning at 1st level the Hero of Unity carries with them an iconic symbol. Examples include: an ancestral blade, a marked shield, or a standard bearing your coat of arms. While so armed they can raise this icon and let forth a battle cry to signal or rally allies.
-When initiative is rolled you can use your reaction to spend a point of Heroic Will to roll your hero die and add the result to the initiative check of an ally. You can spend additional points of Heroic Will to affect additional allies.
-When a friendly creature is reduced to 0 hit points, you can use your reaction to spend a point of Heroic Will to roll your Hero Die. At the beginning of the creatureís next turn they gain hit points and temporary hit points equal to the result.
-If your Icon is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can create a new one at the end of your next short rest.

L3 Leading from the Front
By 3rd level your ability to extricate allies When you move adjacent to an ally, they can spend their reaction to move up to half their speed. Their movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

L7 Iconic Blow
At 7th level you master a martial technique using your Icon. While specifics vary by Hero and item type, As an action you may spend a point of Heroic Will to swing, thrust, or hurl your Icon. this is a sweeping attack originating from you and affects enemies in a 30 ft line, 10 ft radius, or 15 ft cone. This attack deals damage appropriate to the objectís type and additional damage equal to your Hero Die and Level in this class. If the Icon was thrown it returns to your space at the end of your turn.

L11 Stronger Together
Beginning at 7th level you are capable of coordinating much more effectively with allies to end threats. When you and an ally are within 5 feet of the same creature you can spend a point of Heroic Will as a bonus action. Unitl the beginning of your next turn, you and your ally gain a bonus to Saving Throws, Damage, and AC equal to your Charisma modifier. You can spend additional Heroic Will to affect additional allies adjacent to the same creature.

L17 Last Stand
By 17th level you are so bolstered by the faith of your allies it can steel you against even the most devastating assaults and turn inevitable loss into victory. If an ally is within 30 ft, you can spend a point of Heroic Will to change a Saving Throw failure into a success. Alternatively, you can spend a point of Heroic Will to make an additional attack. You can spend an additional Heroic Will for each ally wiithin 30 ft. The damage of these attacks is your Hero Die plus your Charisma modifier.

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What do you do with Heroic Will points at 1st level when you don't have any Exploits yet?

2019-06-23, 03:18 AM
What do you do with Heroic Will points at 1st level when you don't have any Exploits yet?

Thanks so much for your feedback!

Every Archetype has 1 or more features that affords their expenditure, usually to add your hero die to some kind of roll.

Sun Hero- spend to add Hero Die on Strength ability rolls or actions you Help.

Night Hero- spend to add Hero Die stealth and Investigation checks

Unity Hero- spend to add Hero Die to initiative for allies and a Reaction heal from 0 for allies.

Shining Hero- spend to cast the leveled spells and spend to add Hero Die to boost Eldritch Blast damage.