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2019-06-24, 01:43 PM
My friend has been working for the past month on a quick and fun FFA game mode. It lasts a total of 21 rounds and each round begins on the first player's turn and ends after the last player's turn. It's heavily inspired by D&D but instead of creating your own character you pick from a set of 6 characters that either fall under the tank, dps, or healer archetype. They all have different backstories, appearances, spells, and abilities but they are not on the manual as of right now. Because the people my friend and I play with are new players (including us), we figured having premade characters would be a lot easier to handle rather than making lvl 20 characters and trying to keep track of everything a lvl 20 can do.

My friend has made a new system that is compatible with the FFA setting. Keep in mind that it is early in development and has a lot of kinks that need to be worked out, and that we have only play tested and actually played a few times.

The System

Players have movement and 2 attacks. Movement can be used for its purpose but small amounts of it can be used for actions like picking up power ups and tokens. When in combat, actions like that only take up 5 ft of movement but take up an action if you're in the middle of combat. For example, The Chicken has movement speed of 30ft. The Chicken moves 20 ft toward a health power up and, since he is not in combat, uses 5 ft of movement speed to pick it up. If The Chicken were to be in combat, however, instead of it consuming movement speed, it would take one attack so he only has one attack remaining.
Nat 1's and 20's, attacking while prone, and attacking a prone enemy have no bearing on gameplay. My friend and I normally playtest on a 1v1 basis due to a lack of play testers and either of these happening just seemed unfair.
Combat is initiated on a line of sight basis. If you have line of sight on an enemy, you must attack. It goes without saying that if you are attacking someone without line of sight on you, you attack with advantage on your turn.
All characters have a certain amount of spell slots that cannot be adjusted. Unless stated otherwise, spells and abilities consume spell slots and the amount consumed is different for each. You can get your spell slots back by burning hit die.
Upon selecting a character, you roll for HP. This stays the same even after you die and cannot be rerolled unless you pick another character. Tanks have a hit die of 1d12+10, DPS have 2d6+4, and healers have 1d6+5.
Tanks and DPS have an AC of 12 while healers have an AC of 13. We found that 12 seemed to be the happy medium between getting hits. Putting it any lower would be too easy and putting it any higher would be too hard.
Once you die, you have a choice of picking another character or staying the same.

These are the general gist of the rules for his system. Anything I havenít mentioned can be found in the manual (DM for it because I unfortunately can't post links). I'm looking for constructive criticism and ideas. I can also provide the character abilities and other information if anyone is interested.

2019-06-24, 02:27 PM
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with FFA. What is it?

Is this a game that would be played on, say, a grid? Is it meant to be played on a grid even outside of combat?