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A thick fog covers your vision. Behind you, even your drow companion's gaze cannot pierce through the thick veil that has suddenly rolled around your party. In front, as magically as it appears, the fog leaves, revealing something quite odd. A small caravan, with trinkets suspended everywhere. Amidst this chaotic mess of objects is a slender figure. Only eyes stare at you with an expressionless face, lacking a nose and a mouth. He seemed to be observing a flower before you walked here, and by his posture, he seems as surprised as you are. But quickly, he moves and places a few objects in front of you. The wizard of your party gasps. You recognize his reaction; those are magical items! Time to dive in, maybe one of them could be useful.

Hello hello, everyone! I'm JurianChibo, and this is my first post ever on this forum. I thought I'd share some magic items I've made for my first real big campaign as a DM (which is still running). In fact, I usually prefer making stuff as homebrew as possible, even if just in flavor (Appearance, name, etc.). Do be aware that I am not the master of homebrewery in any sense, but I try for the sake of making a nice story.

You may use those as you wish, and I do give everyone the permission to use the images I made, even if not alongside that specific item.

Do note that, in my campaign, I use a custom system of ''Major and Minor items'', which is simply a limit of 3 for major and 3 for minor, as I wanted to keep a limited number of overall magic items. ''Wondrous Items'' in my campaign will typically be ''Minor''. They will be changed in this thread accordingly.

~ Weapons And Ammunitions ~

Sunset Danceblade

It flows under the rays of sunshine
Requires Attunement
This magical danceblade* (+1) carries the powers of fiery ancestors. While held in the hand, it sheds dim light for 5ft. It deals an additional 1d6 fire damage for every hit.
(Danceblade - 1d6 slashing - Finesse, reach, special. Special: Possibility to use this weapon for an off-hand attack even if it the danceblade is used for the main attack.)

Author's Note: Created the Danceblade after the rogue wanted to play with halberds. I allowed her to have the prof. but it didn't work very well. Is it kind of OP? Yes. But are my players all having fun with it? Yes as well!

Moonlit Lull
It sings of beautifully starry skies and death
Requires Attunement by Warlock
The Moonlit Lull is a magical dagger (+1) which inflicts radiant damage. This dagger may use charisma for attack and damage. While held and ready for battle, it sheds bright light for 5ft and dim light for 10ft.

This dagger has 6 charges, which can be used for the following as an action:
Goodnight: Cast Sleep, using 1-3 charges (1 for 1st lvl, 2 for 2nd...).
Night Sky: Cast Moonbeam, using 2 charges
Boogeyman: Teleport next to an enemy (up to 15ft.) and strike, for 2 charges

You regain 1d4+2 charges at dawn.
If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the dagger disappears like an eclipse, forever gone from this world.

Author's Note: You could probably remove the Warlock requirement if you also removed that it uses charisma. This is simply a custom weapon for a bladelock.

Weeper's Chains
With the chains now broken, I'll never hold back my tears...or my fists!
Requires Attunement by Monk

When attuned and wearing the chains as bracelets, your unarmed strikes deal an extra 1d6 necrotic damage.
You can also use 1 ki point to cast Calm Emotion with yourself as the center. People affected by the Calm Emotion of this object softly weep and feel grief in their spirit.

Experimental Buckshots
''Not guaranteed to not explode and kill your whole family.''
Requires Attunement

This item is to be used as ammunition with any ranged weapons. As a bonus action, you charge your shot, and your next attack with the charged weapon does a cone, 15ft. in range, of damage***. You deal an additional 2d6 elemental damage, along with the weapon's usual damage. Creatures in the cone must succeed on a [8+prof+dex] dex save, half damage on a success.
Shooting in close range with this doesn't inflict disadvantage on the attack.

You can do that 3 times. All charges are restored at dawn.

You roll 1d4 and use the table below to know which type of damage you inflict.
1 - Fire
2 - Cold
3 - Acid
4 - Lightning

Author's Note: For the gunslinger of the campaign. Should've added some sort of 1d100 mishap thing, to actually make it more experimental, but has been fun so far, not too OP, as weird as it sounds.

~ Staves, Wands and Catalysts ~

Book of Death
Requires Attunement by a bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, paladin, wizard or warlock

Reading this book causes you to fall to 0 hp and start making death saves at disadvantage.
Due to its chaotic aura, everyone able to read the book is aware of its effect without holding it or looking directly at the content. You cannot force someone to read the book.

The book has 8 charges. By spending a charge (or more), you can cast the following spells at their minimal level: Spare the Dying (1 charge), Inflict Wound (1 charges), Blindness/Deafness (2 charges), Gentle Repose (2 charges), Speak with Dead (3 charges). The book regains 1d6+2 charges at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the book ignites and burns itself into a hellish blaze.

Author's Note: This book is inspired from the book from Witch's House. After discussion, the ''reading'' effect was changed times and times again until it was made impossible to use and simply became flavor.

Sleepless' Umbrella
I dreamt of a field where stars were raining down.
Requires Attunement

While the umbrella is attuned, equipped and held opened, rain starts to fall in a large area around the user. Very light rain that doesn't deal damage to anyone weak to the element except if specified to be weak to all rain. It also acts as a spellcasting focus for the user.

The umbrella has 6 charges. By spending a charge (or more), you can cast the following spells at their minimal level: Fog Cloud (1 charge), Jump (1 charge), Gust of Wind (2 charges), Warding Wind (2 charges) and Call Lightning (3 charges). The umbrella regains 1d4+2 charges at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the umbrella loses all magical properties, but keeps its typical use.

Author's Note: Created with the game Yume Nikki as inspiration. Madotsuki would probably be proud~

Horn of Thorn
An odd horn. It wants a place where it belongs.
''Minor Magic item'', can probably be a wondrous item for your game.

Gives the user the ability to cast Entangle as if it was a spell of their class. If the character doesn't have any spellcasting abilities, it uses their wisdom.
Using Entangle uses one charge, of which this item has 2. At every dawn, it recovers both of them.

Author's Note: Nod to one of my D&D characters.

Rotten Star / Corrupted Comet
A sickening glow...
Requires Attunement by warlock

(Functions as a Rod of the Pactkeeper)
While attuned to this star , you gain a bonus (+1) to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw DCs of your warlock spells. In addition, you can regain 1 warlock spell slot as an action while holding the star. You canít use this property again until you finish a long rest.

A dark whisper...
Requires Attunement by wizard

While attuned to this star , you gain a bonus to spell attack rolls and to the saving throw DCs of your wizard spells. Once per long rest, you may use the comet's powers to enhance a spell, boosting its effective level by 1 (but only to the maximum you can cast) without using a higher spell slot.

Author's Note: Wanted to make a similar item to the Pactkeeper rod but for wizards (Mostly for story reasons, as I had to make a dual item for two connected characters).

~ Accessories And Wearables ~

Compassionate Ring
A ring whose simple appearance hides the biggest heart.
''Minor Magic item'', can probably be a wondrous item for your game.

While wearing this ring, you can use your reaction to protect an ally within 10 feet of you. Doing so transfers half the damage of the attack to the user. You can only do so once every short or long rest.

Auril's Blanket [Spot reserved for future use, as item is still WIP]

Dryad's Crown [Spot reserved for future use, as item is still WIP]

~ Others ~

The Gallery's Roses
(This item is actually a set of 3 wondrous item - or ''minor magic item'' in my game.)
Crimson. Cerulean. Amber. They are so beautifully colorful!
Requires Attunement. Can only be attuned to one rose at a time.

Crimson Rose
Childlike petals of a selfless person.
As a reaction, you can grant 10 temporary HP to an ally within 15 feet who is being damaged. No matter if the attack deals less damage than the amount of HP, the rose wilts for the day. The ally receives the remaining damage if it exceeds the rose's HP.
This ability come back after a long rest.

Cerulean Rose
A miraculous rose for a realist.
You receive advantage against discerning illusions.
(Does not include resisting illusion spells, only spells that include investigation against illusions)

Golden Rose
A fake rose for a fabricated being.
You gain proficiency on deception (charisma) checks. If you already proficient, your bonus is doubled.

Author's Note: Inspired by the game Ib. I wish I made them have some kinda linked power between them, but it became a bit too hard to make and balance, so I stuck with just being connected to the game that inspired them.

Sleepless' Blanket
Dreams are too scary anyway.
Requires Attunement

Using this blanket during sleep allows the user to only require half the sleep needed usually for a long rest, and gives the user the ability to do light activity during half of that time, instead of sleeping.
Comes with silly effects!

Author's Note: For the ''Silly Effect'', I simply take all the effects from the game ''Yume Nikki'', which is the inspiration for this item, alongside the Sleepless' Umbrella, and improvise something with a dice roll. Nothing that actually does anything mechanically, just a lil' silly moment.

I will post updates when new stuff comes out! But for now, thanks for reading and I would greatly appreciate criticism, comments and ideas to help me in the future.!

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