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2019-06-26, 03:44 AM
Hey guys,

I'll be starting a new short campaign and PCs (played by a radther noobish group) will start as young adult Commoners, who will then rapidly hop into PC classes. Untill they do, however, I intend to present them with a set of situations, where they can get some bearings regarding the system and setting logic. As per my experience, the simplest challenges are great for this. I have some ideas, but I'd ask you people to give me some more ideas. This is what I have so far:
- Leaky roof (fix it, takes climb checks, there is a chance of falling damage, etc ...)
- A child has gone missing. There is a search organized
- Cart had its wheel broken. Go fetch the wheelwright

2019-06-26, 04:55 AM
- A newborn / a marriage anniversary -> go find some present
- A caravan is coming to town soon -> clear the market place
- A spectacular prize from the hunters -> everybody can come this evening, but we will need some help to prepare the food, and some additional wood
- Some peoples are sick / out of the town / ... -> take care of the kids and pets for one day
- Any love drama (someone too shy to say their love, someone has cheated on someone else, someone think their partner is cheating, ...)
- Any non-love drama (someone sold a broken item to someone else hiding it was broken, someone was rude while drunk, ...)

2019-06-26, 10:05 AM
- soldiers arive with a wounded companion, local priest needs help with the healing proces (intro to healing/divine magic)

- hedge wizzard arrives on his way to the festival in the market town further south, offers to teach some magic in exchange for shelter and a hot meal (intro to arcane magic)

- baronnial hunter the village send for finally arrives to deal with the wolves in the western forest, needs volunteers to drive the beasts in his direction (intro to skill checks and maybe combat if they want to but the hunter should be able to take them out on his own)

El'the Ellie
2019-06-26, 10:17 AM
- Two NPC's that are much loved in the town are getting married, and the whole town is pitching in to make it great! How is your character helping? Providing/preparing food for the feast (A hunter or cook?), making outfits (Anyone with tailoring skills), the actual priest (useful if any characters want to be some kind of cleric), etc
* Something I like about this option is that it sets up an amazing narrative for the DM once the actual wedding happens. The PC's are all at an event that they have personal interest in, and feel invested in the story and characters because their character has done something to help. It's a great jumping point for something that kicks off the adventure.

2019-06-27, 02:25 AM
Wedding :D What an Idea. Love it. Not a simple thing for me to pull off, since I am more comfortable in grimdark-ish settings, but double the challenge for that. Thanks!

2019-06-28, 09:26 PM
Maybe a sample encounter with the town drunk or bully.