View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Boredom Brew Ep2 [Hi Vogie]

2019-06-29, 07:23 AM
From the "Give your Forumites a Class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?590646-Game-Give-your-fellow-forumites-a-class&highlight=forumite)" thread, I got the Forge Cleric. This is the first time I really gave this domain any notice, so I started creating characters and playing around with the options given.

"Hey" I said to myself, mostly so I could quote me in a forum thread "What does a full-on smith character look like"?

After looking at the backgrounds, Artificer and Forge Cleric, I noticed that for both the Artificer and the Cleric there is a lot of design space allotted for non-smith features. But, why would you create a character with class features that aren't forge related?!

The only features you'd really need are:

Artisan's Blessing
Full weapon and armor proficiencies.
Some key spells like spiritual weapon and heat metal.
Bad-ass hammer attacks

So, if I were to reskin a class to key of these features, what class would it be? Well, simplest way would be to make a Forge Patron for the Warlock!

1st Level:

Warlock spellcasting is great for our concept, since we are looking at a Gish, so few spells with frequent use works great.
Our Patron can give us Heavy Armor, Smith's Tools and the Cleric Spells we need. I'll probably add some way to encourage weapon usage. Maybe "When you use Eldritch Blast against a creature within 5 feet of you it counts as a melee weapon attack and deals bonus fire damage equal to your Strength modifier."

2nd Level:

We can make some custom Forge-Only Invocations. These would all be infusion-like abilities, where each Invocation allows you to infuse a single item per long rest. This is the part that allows for most of the customization.

3rd Level:

Pact Boon will be a Hammer, which grants the Mending Cantrip, proficiency with warhammer, and Artisan's Blessing.

Now you have a character where ALL his class features are centered around forge-y-ness! YAY! During short rests? FORGE! During long rests? FORGE. In the middle of a battle? FORGE YOUR ENEMIES BY HITTING THEM WITH A HAMMER AFTER BLASTING THEM WITH HEAT METAL!

Now I just need to bribe Vogie into writing it up all nice and pretty for me ^^