View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Converting Spell Slots into....

2019-06-29, 10:34 AM
What can you think of having equal scalable value to a spell slot?

Paladin gain extra damage to a single attack, sorcerers gain their Metamagic resource, but what else do you think could be the defining feature of a class that uses spell slots as a resource?

I think having a good list of these effects might spark some pretty cool homebrewed classes. ^^

2019-06-29, 11:10 AM
Circle of the moon druids can spend spell slots while wild shaped to heal themselves.

2019-06-29, 11:53 AM
- bonuses or rerolls to checks/saves
- restoring HP
- recharging other class features
- removing exhaustion
- applying/increasing prof bonus

2019-06-29, 12:49 PM
UA artificiers can repair their dead homonculi/turrets/iron defenders by spending a spell slot.