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2019-06-30, 04:52 PM
im working on a class but im having trouble with what to call the subclasses (ie martial archetype for fighters, circle for druid, college for bards, etc)

the class im workingon is a d12 martial class that utilizes the idea of a hulking damage spunge (x-men character juggernaut is an inspiration for this class)

thanks for your ideas

2019-06-30, 10:15 PM
the class im workingon is a d12 martial class that utilizes the idea of a hulking damage spunge (x-men character juggernaut is an inspiration for this class)

It'd be great to get more info on your class concept. As-is, I don't have any idea what sort of character they are. Barbarians already fill the hulking damage sponge archetype very, very well. The sword-and-board fighter, with its d10 hit die, can also be made into an excellent martial damage sponge. What is the power source of your class? How does somebody become one? Are they trained? Chosen? Born? Are they common or rare?

But here are some random ideas to throw out there:

They could be called Paragons: disciplined unarmored warriors trained to absorb and ignore lethal blows with their pure focus. Their subclasses are called Dojos:

Paragons from the Dojo of the Commanding Voice leads others into the heat of battle. They inspire others into great feats and taunt their foes into attacking only them.
Paragons from the Dojo of the Swift Hand are specialists in grappling. They run forward towards the most deadly foes and squeeze them together until they stop moving.
Paragons from the Dojo of the Out-Thrust Chest take toughness to new heights, gaining benefits and buffs when they're struck by their foes.

They could be called Bronzehearts: veteran armored soldiers who have replaced more and more of their bodies with clockwork devices. Their subclasses are called Manufacturers:

Bronzehearts manufactured by Mordenkainen Machining use clever, built-in gadgetry and alchemical sprays to attract the ire of enemies and boost the combat effectiveness of those around them.
Bronzehearts manufactured by Bigby's Laboratory deploy nets and traps to confound their foes.
Bronzehearts manufactured by The Xanathar Industrial Foundry and Bodega use advanced reactive armor to punish enemies for attacking them.

They could be called Biomages: freakish spellcasters who attach their living experiments to their own bodies. Their subclasses are called Mutations:

Biomages with the Tentacle mutation spread out across the battlefield, intercepting strikes directed at their allies, and sabotaging their enemies.
Biomages with the Spinneret mutation wrap their foes in tough, sticky webs and use poisons and spells to keep them still for later use.
Biomages with the Nematocyst mutation are lethal to the touch. Any foe that attacks them knows only pain for the rest of their short, paralyzed lives.

They could be called the Righteous: children blessed by a deity or other being with unnatural vitality and a magical bloodline. They drift through the world, aloof, naive, and often disconnected from reality. Their subclasses are called Blessings:

A Gifted with the Blessing of Justice can make declarations that can punish or aid at their whim.
A Gifted with the Blessing of Peace can force enemies to stop attacking and even change sides permanently.
A Gifted with the Blessing of Neutrality gains power from being outnumbered and outmatched.

They could even be called the Dairy-Folk: tough, pragmatic farmers who have seen too much and decided that it's time to step in and put a stop to evil. Their subclasses are called Inspirational Cheeses:

A Dairy-Folk who is Inspired by Brie uses spells and abilities to form heavy, nigh-impenetrable shields, but is quite delicate without their abilities.
A Dairy-Folk who is Inspired by Cheddar is very simple to play and suitable for new players. They are fairly tough, using only passive abilities to increase their survivability.
A Dairy-Folk who is Inspired by Blue Cheese is incredibly complex, using a vast collection of individually weak alchemical effects to form deadly area-of-effect clouds.

2019-07-01, 12:35 AM
i was picturing heavy armor wielding 2 shields kinda like a mobile wall. its a training thing for sure. i might just convert it into a prestige class but i kinda wanted to make this work as a full class on its own.

2019-07-01, 01:05 AM
Generally speaking, prestige classes arent a thing in 5e
Sounds like an excellent fit for a Barbarian subclass named Juggernaut. Give them prof in heavy armor and the ability to wear it with their other barbarian features, throw in the ability to attack with a shield while keeping the AC bonus and maybe some sort of reaction feature to round it out and there you go.