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2019-06-30, 06:45 PM
As seen in my other currently posted base class for 5e, the Theurge (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?590542-The-Theurge-A-Variant-Cleric-(Entry-in-5e-Base-Class-Contest-VII)-PEACH), I am currently working on a supplemental magic system for innate magic use (mostly for the fun of it, though I hope to put it up on DM's Guild once the wrinkles are ironed out). As part of the system, I wanted to have multiple classes with access to it, and the second one is partially written now! I still need to add more bloodlines and finish up the Spatius, Tempus, Terra, and Venenum sorceries, but here's what's up so far! Looking for feedback.

The Wilder on GMBinder (https://www.gmbinder.com/share/-Li_20Wodm2yxSpUhcq4/-LielAhljAKVnJnoCPWA)
Alternate Link (PDF) (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eLmDskvNm6T33ozGZMh8XC5lnWpMP5FQ)

Sorcery (name subject to change) is a way of representing innate magic. Rather than learning discrete spells, sorcerous magic users, such as the Theurge and the yet uncreated Wilder, can attune to conceptual groupings of magical effects, which develop as they take additional levels in the class. Sorceries, as I am currently calling these different magical effects, grant a number of ongoing and activated effects which can be used at-will while they are channeled, and also one or more surges which share a very small resource pool that refreshes on a long rest. Changing a channeled sorcery out for another can be done at any time with no cost associated.