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2019-07-02, 05:07 PM
The reveler is usually someone who could fit into another background, possibly as a previous laborer, entertainer, scholar or disgraced noble, or even a soldier drinking away his sorrows. Whatever their previous life was, they abandoned it for hedonism and excess, disregarding who and what they used to know. You are most comfortable in a party, and base your life around it. Revelers are very socially capable, whether they like to be the center of attention or not, and used to getting their way. Adventures are just another type of party to them, and they may be enthusiastic but rarely serious.

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Persuasion.
Tool Proficiencies: Brewer's Tools, one type of gaming set.
Equipment: A set of fine clothes, brewer's tools, gaming set of your choice, five bottles of your favorite drink, a token for a drink or a gambling chip for a tavern you used to frequent, a pouch containing 15 gp.

Feature: Supplier
A party is only as good as its venue, food, drink, and music. You know enough people and have seen enough product to not be cheated on price. When you buy food or drink or hire a musician or venue, you roll a d20 and calculate the price by subtracting a percentage equal to your roll, after any other factors have been figured which can alter the price.

Suggested Characteristics
Revelers are likely irresponsible, fun-loving, and friendly. They can be living in denial of a secret tragedy, afraid of introspection, bent on proving themselves intelligent as well, or even party for a love of seeing others suffer the consequences, however. Every reason anyone could love revelry is found in the reveler. Almost all enjoy alcohol, often to an unhealthy degree.

d8 Personality Trait
1 When I drink, everybody drinks. I hate seeing anyone sober when I'm not.
2 I speak at length, even ranting or debating, about intellectual or philosophical concepts when I drink.
3 I disavow all my drunken antics when sober. I could seem a completely different person.
4 I will not discuss anything important or show emotion while sober.
5 I love to watch the party from the sideline; the events unfolding is a show and I don't need to be in the middle of it.
6 It's not a party without music.
7 "Regret" is not part of my vocabulary.
8 I am a mean drunk.

d6 Ideals
1 Freedom (Chaotic) I can, will, and have fought for my right to party.
2 Schadenfreude (Evil) I like to watch others make bad decisions and suffer the consequences.
3 Fun (Good) I can't have fun unless I've made sure everyone is having fun.
4 Gluttony (Neutral) The food and drink is all that matters.
5 Organization (Lawful) The party must be planned and executed perfectly.
6 Reputation (Any) My parties must be the stuff of legend.

d6 Bonds
1 I must prove a harder partier than my rival.
2 My guests are under my protection
3 I search for the ultimate drink or food.
4 I try to find the stuffiest people and get them to lighten up.
5 No can be allowed to see me unhappy.
6 Someone died at one of my parties. No one must know.

d6 Flaws
1 If I remember it, it was not a good night.
2 I can't stand the quiet; it makes me think things.
3 I try to prove I'm not just a party animal; I'm also a scholar. I'm not good at it.
4 I'm open to all the worst suggestions.
5 I believe no one likes me when I'm sober.
6 One drink and I'll tell you every secret I know.

A megalomaniac suffers from delusions of grandeur, narcissism, and insanity. They generally believe themselves to be the rightful rulers of the world, and come from some other background that has been forgotten, suppressed, or worked into their delusions. Oddly, they can be beneficent, noble, even heroic, if their particular insane compulsions lead them in that direction. The particulars of their insanity are up to the player, but should be related to their previous life. Perhaps an acolyte who viewed an ancient text of obscene evil in their temple's library, perhaps a charlatan who began to believe his own grandiose lies, or a sailor who was exposed to the true horrors beneath the waves... or just a spontaneous loss of mental faculties without known reason.

Skill Proficiencies: Any one skill, language, or tool proficiency, plus one (or more) based on their previous background(s).

d20 Previous background and skill
1 Acolyte-Religion
2 Charlatan-Deception
3 Criminal-Stealth
4 Entertainer-Performance
5 Folk Hero-Animal Handling
6 Guild Artisan-Insight
7 Hermit-Nature
8 Noble-Persuasion
9 Outlander-Survival
10 Sage-History
11 Sailor-Perception
12 Soldier-Athletics
13 Urchin-Sleight of Hand
14 Fool-Acrobatics
15 Feral Child-Intimidation
16 Wizard's Apprentice-Arcana
17 Paranormal Investigator-Investigation
18 Healer-Medicine
19 Adventurer-Any
20 Roll twice more and combine

Equipment: Poor quality clothes. Roll 3 times on the trinkets table on page 161 of the Player's Handbook. Choose or randomly determine one of these trinkets as "proof" that you are the rightful ruler of the world. Pouch containing d100 gp, plus some worthless junk. Randomly determine a set of tools, gaming set, or musical instrument. One wheel of cheese.

Feature: Pathological Liar
You have advantage on all Deception checks, but there is a 50% chance that you believe the lie that you tell afterwards.

Suggested Characteristics
Megalomaniacs are usually arrogant, self-centered, pushy, and argumentative, but some are so confident and so caught up in their own greatness that they do not deign to argue with their "lessers."

d8 Personality Trait
1 I stuff my pockets with things I find on the ground.
2 I treat eating and food like a disgusting bodily function, and will not talk about it, watch others eat, or let myself be seen eating.
3 I narrate simple tasks and make them sound more complicated. Sometimes with theme music.
4 I am terribly, unnaturally, unshakably confident.
5 I quote sacred texts and proverbs in every situation. No one has heard of my god.
6 I believe I was born another species and was polymorphed into my current form.
7 I have no concept of value; I try to pay for things with worthless junk, and pay extravagantly for worthless junk.
8 I eat things that aren't food.

d6 Ideals
1 Experience (Chaotic) Although I am the rightful ruler of the world, I like to travel as a commoner to see what it's like.
2 Tyranny (Evil) I am the rightful ruler of the world, and everyone exists for my pleasure.
3 Benevolence (Good) As the rightful ruler of the world, I have a responsibility to take care of my subjects and make them happy.
4 Disruption (Chaotic) My rulership of the world is in danger; I must turn the chaotic elements against each other instead of me.
5 Responsibility (Lawful) I must find competent advisers to help me rule the world.
6 Readiness (Any) The world is besieged by an extraplanar threat, and as the rightful ruler of the world, I must get my subjects ready to fight.

d6 Bonds
1 I had my "rival" for the throne of the world imprisoned. No one must know.
2 Although I am qualified to rule the world in every other way, I cannot read. No one must know.
3 Someone (possibly everyone) has a stronger claim to rule the world. No one must know.
4 Once my rule is solidified, I plan to ban all music. No one must know.
5 My first attempt at ruling the world was disastrously bungled. I used a Wish to undo it and start over.
6 I am addicted to cheese. No one must know.

d6 Flaws
1 I am disturbingly proud of my bodily functions.
2 I cannot make even the smallest decision. I ask my companions and strangers alike to vote on every choice.
3 I'm convinced at least half the people I meet aren't real.
4 I am constantly on the lookout for invisible monsters and/or assassins.
5 I believe everyone is trying to flatter and manipulate to get favorable treatment.
6 I react violently to being called crazy.