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2019-07-06, 04:53 PM
This race is meant to be started to be a couple levels higher than your basic races, than can take character levels.
Igni Race
Are an elemental in humanoid shape
Ability Score Increases: +2Con and +1Str.
Age: Same age range of elves, but are fully mature minutes after birth.
Alignment: Usually Neutral, tending toward chaotic but can be lawful.
Size: Medium. Standing a tad taller than humans.
Speed: Base walking speed is 30 ft.
Immunities: Fire, Disease, Poison.
Illumination: Sheds bright light in a 20 ft radius, dim light for and additional 20 ft
Fiery Fortitude: On a Short rest, if you are within 5 ft of a flame, medium or larger, you can spend a hit die to gain temporary hit points equal to the roll +con mod.
Breath Weapon: 15 ft Cone of fire. DC save for it is determined by 8 + con mod + prof bonus. The damage is 1d6X(half of your total level) in fire damage. After you use your breath weapon, you canít use it again until you complete a short or long rest.
Water Susceptibility:
For every 5 ft you move in water, or for every gallon of water splashed on you, you take 1 cold damage.
Life Flame Empowerment:
Spend a hit dice worth of hit points to increase the damage of a fire spell or to add fire damage to a melee attack.
Languages: Ignan, Common.

2019-07-06, 06:09 PM
A few thoughts and suggestions:

5e really doesn't do level adjustments. Rather than saying that this race is 'worth' 2 levels (or whatever), perhaps some of the racial features could be turned into racial feats that can, optionally, be taken at later levels.

Fire Immunity makes a lot of sense for the species, but perhaps it could start out as Fire Resistance, with a feat to increase it to Fire Immunity+Water Susceptibility. Immunity is a very valuable ability, especially in a common damage type like Fire.

I assume that the Breath Weapon is an Action. All abilities should ideally state what type of action they use. The Dragonborn breath weapon starts out okay at level 1, but gets weaker quickly. Too weak, in my opinion. This Breath Weapon starts out bad and never really gets good (compared to spells). Maybe make it a bonus action that only does a little damage, rather than something that attempts to replace an attack.

Life Flame Empowerment: It's two abilities in one. That makes the phrasing awkward. In addition, I'd specify that the extra damage applies only to a single target of the fire spell (like the sorcerer ability) rather than a flat bonus to all targets. Also, please specify how much the bonus damage is (if your HD is 1d8, do you take 1d8 damage and deal 1d8 bonus damage? Do you take 8 damage and deal 8 bonus damage?)

Overall, I'd allow this at my table, without level adjustment.

The character is exceptionally vulnerable to weather. The character has little-to-no ability to use stealth. Any opponent looking at the character will know that they're resistant/immune to fire, and deals fire damage, so smart foes will use that to their advantage.

The only real qualm I have is the level 1 Fire Immunity.