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2007-10-08, 03:17 PM
justify a lizard-humanoid-like in a "traditional" D&D campain in forgotten realms?
u know (maybe no) i like crazy adventure and etereogeneal group.
so how i can?
thx 4 ur help

Yuki Akuma
2007-10-08, 03:25 PM

Can you, say, make that a little clearer...?

Do you want to know how to justify playing a Good-aligned Lizardfolk? Because they're generally Neutral, so I don't see a problem with playing a Good one.

If you want to know how to justify a Good kobold... give him metallic dragon ancestry. Or have his tribe worship a metallic dragon. Something like that.

2007-10-08, 03:30 PM
I don't know squat about FR, but if your DM you don't have to justify anything. And if you want to play a lizzardfolk, just ask your DM.

2007-10-08, 03:37 PM
Well, I'm not sure that I understand you, but you have lizardfolks and kobolds in forgotten realms, both are pretty darn common.

Kobolds are no problem, since they are weak, but if only you won't make kobold meele fighter he will be ok.

You must ask your DM about lizardfolks though, since they have LA and racial hit dice.