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2019-07-08, 10:03 PM
Wondrous Item (Drug), Common, Uncommon, or Rare

ThreeEye is a potent magical drug, capable of awakening latent abilities and enhancing arcane might. ThreeEyee comes in three varieties-Common ThreeEye, known as MindEye; Uncommon ThreeEye, known as SoulEye; and Rare ThreeEye, known as TrueEye.

MindEye has the following effects, each lasting an hour, when consumed:
-You can communicate telepathically with anyone who shares a language that you can see within 30'
-You may reroll damage dice of 1 when casting a spell
-You may cast Detect Magic once in this time without spending a spell slot

SoulEye has the following effects, each lasting ten minutes, when consumed:
-You can communicate telepathically with any creature who speaks a language that you can see within 60'
-You may roll two sets of damage dice when casting a spell, and take the higher of the two
-You are under the effects of Detect Magic for the duration

TrueEye has the following effects, lasting one minute, when consumed:
-You can communicate telepathically with any creature that you're aware of within 120'
-You may roll three sets of damage dice when casting a spell, and take the highest
-You are under the effects of True Seeing for the duration

ThreeEye can react unpredictably. The effects above are virtually guaranteed to occur, but other effects may happen as well.

All types of ThreeEye are highly addictive. After a does of ThreeEye wears off, you must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw to avoid addiction. The DC increases by 1 for each dose of MindEye you've had in the past month, 2 for each dose of SoulEye you've had in the past year, and 3 for each dose of TrueEye you've had in the past decade. On a success, you temporarily stave off addiction, and suffer no ill effects. On a failure, you become addicted to ThreeEye, body, mind, and soul.

While addicted, you gain the following flaw:

I can only trust what I see while under the influence. Only that is for sure real.

In addition, if you go a day without consuming at least one dose of ThreeEye, you suffer from one level of Exhaustion that cannot be restored until you consume another dose. (Note that consuming a dose of ThreeEye does NOT immediately end the Exhaustion-it only allows it to be ended.) Telltale signs of addiction include pale skin and prominent blue veins across the body.

To shake off addiction, one must go long enough without consuming ThreeEye to reset the DC to 15, upon which they can attempt a new save once per month to shake off the addiction. Castings of Greater Restoration or similar magic can reduce the time needed, but not the DC. Typically, one casting of a 5th level spell can reduce the time by one month. A 6th level spell three months, 7th six months, 8th one year, and 9th three years. (Obviously spells must be of a healing variety-Meteor Swarm won't help cure your addiction, no matter how potent a spell it is.)

Isn't that one month of Exhaustion level one for MindEye, and TEN FLIPPING YEARS if you get hooked on TrueEye?

Yes. Yes it is. Addiction is bad, and magically enhanced addiction is REAL bad.

Creating ThreeEye requires surprisingly little magical power, at least for weak doses.

MindEye requires the ability to cast a cantrip.
SoulEye requires 2nd level spells.
TrueEye requires 4th level spells.

All require a somewhat complicated ritual, typically involving unsavory acts, but it is possible to make ThreeEye cleanly, though doing so will require more raw spellpower.

A dose of MindEye sells for 50 GP usually, though desperate addicts will frequently pay more if they believe it's their only chance.
A dose of SoulEye costs 500 GP usually.
A dose of TrueEye costs 5,000 GP or more.

ThreeEye, while a moderately addictive drug without magic, is primarily a spiritual addiction. As such, it can follow a soul into the afterlife, and even into different bodies (such as those nabbed withMagic Jar or created by Reincarnation or True Resurrection. Oftentimes, the creators of ThreeEye (who are themselves addicted) find themselves in Baator or some such plane, addicted but with no methods of coping, and make hasty and dangerous deals to get their fix.

2019-07-09, 03:38 PM
I've seen many attempts at making "dark" mechanics. This one, I have to say, really hits the right chord. Adding this to a game guarantees your cities will change, slums become slummier, and you'll almost definitely go on a quest related to the drug. If it were a simple addiction mechanic, I'd say nay. But since it adds so much to the narrative and really brings a level of grit to a fantastical world, I have to say I'm a fan and would definitely reference this if I were to play a dark and gritty campaign.

I'm not sold on the recovery mechanics, they seem like a mouthful to explain to a player. I'm not sure if this is meant to affect a player or be something a player can interact with in relation to an NPC. If ThreeEye is mostly intended as an NPC drug, then ok. If it is meant as something at least half your party has to deal with, I'm not sold.

2019-07-10, 10:32 AM
Good to know there's another Dresden Files fan on this site.

Great Dragon
2019-07-10, 09:51 PM
Perhaps a reduction of the DC to 15 with a Remove Curse applied just after Greater Restoration would cure all but the decade addition?

Good to know there's another Dresden Files fan on this site.