View Full Version : Enemies, items and CRs for a mech game

2019-07-12, 05:50 PM
Pretty sure this belongs here anyway. I have been volunteered to run a mech-centric d20 Future campaign, and after looking through the handbook... I have realized things get very VERY screwy if you don't do strict mech-on-mech combat. There isn't even a mention on how being in a mech affects CR. Not to mention that while mech-on-mech is gonna be fun, it'll get old if that's the only thing you do.

So, I'm working on several different enemies to face, ranging from giant bugs, to devolved, predatory elves, to psions in special mech-suits. That last one turned out to be pretty easy, but stills runs into the problem of "wtf is this lunatic's CR?!"

The bugs, however, are turning out to ne my biggest challenge. My friend suggested devestation vermin, but after looking them up... Yeah I don't think that's gonna happen. Even with mechs that'd be a tpk. Instead I'm looking up more bog standard giant vermin, and running into the opposite problem. They'de just get steamrolled. I'm thinking about just giving them attacks more in line with mech combat, but I'm not gonna have the entire game take place inside the mechs.

The world so far is a blending of every sci-fi/mech fiction we enjoy, and since I'm running I'm gonna pull whatever the hell I like from sci-fi I like. This includes pilots being badass parkour ninjas from titanfall. I've started designing a suit of armor that would confer similar game benefits, here's what I have so far.

Rider suit; +5 armor, no max dex, -2 armor penalty. +4 str, Doubles movement speed, allows the wearer to run on vertical surfaces. Rider armor is specifically designed to allow ease of use, and only requires light armor proficiency to wear.

And... Again, yeah. CRs. How exactly should I scale these? Should I just toss the entire CR thing out the window, and wing it? That seems like it could end badly. Ideas? Suggestions? Help plz?