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2019-07-14, 05:57 PM
So, our group has recently switched from the basic kind of "Variable Encumbrance" to the Giffyglyph's Darker dungeon inventory system, likely due to when we ended up going over our characters, it came into light that I had 9 Different types of daggers, two swords, and another gun. I like the fact that this system has inventory slots, which seems like it would be a cool mechanic, I just am not a fan of how it A) Determines the "weight" of items, and B) GREATLY reduces the amount you can carry.

An example being this, if You're a Medium Creature w/ a 20 in STR. You have a Slot Capacity of 23. Looking at the Explorer's pack, it has 17 Slots worth of items in it. Leaving you with 6 slots left. That's enough for Light armor and a Large weapon, OR medium armor, then you're full. NO MORE space to carry anything. No shield, no gems, no healers kit, nothing.

I have an idea, but I'd generally like to get some input from others about what they think, ways to improve, and overall if my idea is even a good one.

This is to have an "Equipment Slot" space based on your STR and your size, to determine what you can have equipped weapon and armor wise, and to have a "Quick Access" space (such as on belt/hip) which would allow you to have items you could access quickly while in combat. The Quick access would mainly be for utility items (potions, component pouch, grappling hook) but Small weapons (one handed finesse weapons) would also be able to be put there, such as a dagger or a sling.

I will give an example below with placeholder numbers as simply a starter idea. This is mainly meant to be less for overall carrying capacity, more what you can have "Ready to use" on a seconds notice without needing to rummage through your backpack, or to have 13 weapons visibly on your person.

Example: A Medium Sized Paladin w/ 16 Str and 13 Dex
This particular character comes from a noble family so has everything he needs (within reason) paid for. This allows him to get a Full set of Plate armor, and a Shield with his family crest, Along with a beautifully crafted longsword.
Being a Medium Creature, the number I have for that size is 5, He also gains +3 from his strength modifier. The heavy armor he's wearing takes up 4 slots, The shield takes 2 slots, and his longsword is 1, leaving him with a single slot left. Therefore, he has the ability to put a secondary one-handed weapon on his "Equipped" slots. Giving him the ability to in the future also take a Mace, or rapier.

On next to Quick Access slots, this is currently 2+Dex for just about all creatures, Giving this paladin 3 Quick access slots to place items in for use.
Wanting to be a good, and helpful, party member he decides he wants to put two healing potions on his belt, each taking up 1 slot, leaving him with one slot which he decides to place a component pouch so he can easily keep track of and access any components (ones with a cost) that are needed for his spellcasting.

Any Input, suggestions, thoughts, or questions are appreciated. I will accept criticism on everything if you like, but I'm mainly trying to figure out Values for my Slot and Inventory based ideas. There will always be exceptions or things that don't make too much sense, such as a Barbarian w/ 20 STR and no Armor being able to have 10 one handed weapons equipped or a Rogue wanting to put 7 Alchemist Fire potions on his belt loop turning him into a stealth bomber. But I'm generally thinking about "Normal" play or at least only as crazy as normal D&D can be.

2019-07-14, 06:30 PM
In the system you are being asked to use, everything in your inventory is immediately available.

Add a "Well Packed" backpack. A backpack can have things "Well Packed" into it. While "Well Packed", they take up 1/3 of the inventory space, but take a full minute to get them out.

a Backpack (3)

a Bedroll (Well Packed, 2)

a Mess kit (Well Packed, 1)

a Tinderbox (Well Packed, 1)

10 torches (8 Well Packed, 2 not)

10 days of Rations (Well Packed, 5)

a Waterskin (0)

50 feet of Hempen rope (2)

Total: 7 + 17 Well Packed = 13.