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2019-07-14, 08:00 PM
Hello! First post here, had this idea gestating in my mind about the weapons provided in the phb for use in 5e. I've had some ideas for how to make the weapons a touch more realistic, and more versatile in their use.

Longsword: Gains the Finesse feature when used in 2 hands. In reality, longswords are light and nimble, and rely much more on the user's accuracy and dexterity than raw strength. They would also be far too heavy to use lightly in one hand, thusly only finesse when in two hands.

Longsword, Halberd, Dagger: These weapons can now freely be used to deal either piercing or slashing damage, at the player's behest. Longswords and daggers can always be used to either thrust or slash, and halberds almost always have a spike at the end or on the back of the head.

Warhammer: Can now freely deal piercing or bludgeoning damage. Being anti-armour weapons, warhammers typically include spikes at the other end of the head.

Trident: Now deals 1d8 piercing in one hand and 1d10 piercing in two. Otherwise, this would have just been a fancy spear that's available to less classes for 5x the suggested price. Also it's got three prongs, of course it's going to do more damage. Doesn't step on the rapier's toes too much, lacking the finesse trait.

What do y'all think? I feel like these are relatively reasonable additions to the game.

2019-07-14, 08:24 PM
Longsword being a finessable two-hander means that Rogues can combine the GWF style and Sneak Attack.

Not gonna break the game, but there's a reason it wasn't included.