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2007-10-09, 07:08 AM
Hi everyone,

My fiancee recently asked me "so, what's this gaming thing you do", so I wrote a solo adventure and ran it for her, and it went down very well. Now she wants more. Unfortunately, I don't have a party at the moment (and most gamers I know are very seasoned gamers, so I'd like it if she could get a bit more practice before I try to recruit one) so I'm going to need to run more single-player adventures.

I have lots of DM/GM experience, but none for single-player adventures at low levels - and I'm finding it quite a challenge to write them. I dimly remember that back in the days of 2nd edition there were a range of official adventure modules for single low-level PCs. I never had any, so I have no idea if they were any good, but I feel that something like it could be very helpful to me. I'm willing to extensively adapt - what I need help with is ideas for interesting, accessible, survivable challenges for an inexperienced lone gamer.

So, does anything like those modules exist today?

2007-10-09, 07:11 AM
Yeah, you can find a series of D20 One On One Adventures (http://www.xrpshop.citymax.com/page/page/3906590.htm) for sale at Expeditious Retreat Press. They're a respectable company that put out good product, so you shouldn't be disappointed.

2007-10-09, 08:38 AM
Thanks for the link, Matthew. I'm not sure that "The Pleasure Prison of the Bíthuvian Demon Whore" is quite the thing - why do they mention it so much? - but some of the others might be helpful and they're not terribly expensive.

I was hoping for something aimed at PCs with fewer mighty powers, though, so if anyone else has any neat suggestions I would be very grateful.

2007-10-09, 08:56 AM
You could always run Planescape: Torment, assuming she's never played the game. 'Course, I think it was like second-edition or something, so you'd have to update it, but you could really put your own spin on it while maintaining the same plotline.

2007-10-09, 09:49 AM
Raolin - that's a very interesting idea! hmm... I've played (and loved) Torment and she hasn't, so I might get away with it. Torment is too high-powered and involves too much Abstract Planar Weirdness to use "as is" - I put a little APW in my intro scenario and it seemed to be too much - but there's a lot of good material in there that might be adapted. Thanks for the suggestion.