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2019-07-17, 12:05 AM
I'm looking for some. Things I've personally come up with include:

Flint bracelet/ring
Ring with a hidden Shim/Saw in the groove: a stealthy way to get out of cuffs/jail

Alchemist's Tools + Mason's Tools[Demolition. Your knowledge of masonry allows you to spot weak points in brick walls. You deal double damage to such structures with your weapon attacks.]
· Use this to knock down buildings on your opponents.

Throwables: Acid, Alchemist's Fire, Holy Water, Oil
Tie multiple as a bola or into a bag

Acid[20ft]:Improv Ranged Wpn; 2d6 Acid

Alchemist's Fire[20ft]: Improv Ranged Wpn; 1d4 @ turn start

Holy Water[20ft]: Improv Ranged Wpn; 2d6 Radiant

Use Nets, then slap Manacles on a person
Block&Tackle: Lift x4 normal weight
attach to Manacles, lift, then tie down to knife, camping spike, climber's kit's pitons or etc

Historical Weapons
The Roman Scissor: Long gauntlet with a crescent blade at the end

China's Nest of Bees: box of 32 arrows with an explosive at the end
· Probably recreates Conjure Barrage

Metsubushi: Basically medieval pepper spray mixed with glass, ash, and other stuff; Delivered via hollowed out eggs
Pepper spray effects usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours
· Some sort of blinding effect

Atlatl: Spear-thrower
·increases range


Kusarigama: Sickle and Chain Weapon


I'm basically want things not already covered by the rule books.

2019-07-17, 06:12 AM
not a bad man thank you :smallcool:

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Atlatl: Spear-thrower
·increases range

This is fine, just give it the loading property and you can good to go.