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2019-07-18, 09:39 PM
In the line of SF (conjuration) > Augment Summoning, I wanted to develop feats to boost a subset of spells in a school, accessible to divine and arcane casters. In context this is for a mostly core game (so no Shadowcraft gnome madness, for instance).

Myriad Thoughts Prereq: Spell Focus divination. You may maintain concentration on divination spells you cast with a move action instead of a standard action. In addition, casting another spell does not break your concentration on divination spells.

Whispering Will Prereq: SF enchantment. Suggestion, dominate, and charm spells you cast have simplified verbal and somatic components, indistinguishable from normal speech and gestures. Anything that would interfere with verbal and somatic components still has the same effect on your casting.

Corpsecrafter Prereq: SF necromancy. benefit as the Libris Mortis feat.

Thought Made Real Prereq: SF illusion. Your shadow conjuration and evocation spells are +20% real to disbelievers.

Unraveler Prereq: SF abjuration. You gain a +4 bonus on caster level checks to dispel or break magical effects, and to counterspell.

Reinforce Form Prereq: SF transmutation. When you cast a polymorph spell on a willing target, it gains 5 temporary hp per spell level. These last until lost to damage or the spell ends.

Having trouble finding a united subset of Evocation to build around...Force spells? How about...

Irresistible Force Prereq: SF evocation. Evocation spells you cast with the force descriptor do not allow for spell resistance.

Ideas? Concerns? Would you take any of them if you wanted to focus on a school of magic?

Southern Cross
2019-07-23, 05:19 AM
I'd take the Unraveler feat. But then abjurers are one of my favorite types of specialist wizards.
And for evokers I suggest the following:
Precise Blaster Prerequisite: Spell Focus (Evocation)
Evokers with this feat are skilled with aiming their evocation spells, giving their targets a -4 penalty to their Reflex saves.

Southern Cross
2019-07-23, 05:43 AM
And as for a subset of evocation and transformation spells, may I suggest the following feat instead of Precise Blaster?
Battle Magic Prerequisites: Spell Focus (evocation) and/or transformation
Casters with the Battle Magic feat can apply their magic to best effect in battle. They are called Battle Mages.
Battle Mages with Spell Focus (evocation) give their targets a -4 penalty to their Reflex saves, while Battle Mages with Spell Focus (transmutation) give their targets a -4 penalty to their Fortitude saves. The rare Battle mages with both the above prerequisites can apply a -4 penalty to both these saves.

2019-07-24, 09:10 AM
I have finally thought of one for Transmutation. Willing recipients of polymorph spells gain 5 temporary hit points per spell level for the duration of the polymorph effect.

And the start of one for Evocation. It seems like force effects and damage are the most distinctive subset of the school. The question is, what unified mechanical boost could apply to both barriers and blasts of force? Metamagic level reduction? Slippery slope and requires an investment of at least one other feat, but with no other feats or PrCs to stack, it can't be that abusive?

Southern, I am concerned that just improving DCs is out of line and redundant with Greater Spell Focus...

Southern Cross
2019-08-06, 01:29 AM
OK, here is my take on two new School Focus Feats for Evocation spells

Irresistible Blasts
Prereqs: SF evocation, Irresistible Force.
Any Evocation spells you cast do not allow for spell resistance.

Unavoidable Blasts
Prereqs: SF evocation
Spells which require Reflex sales no longer add the defenders DEX bonus to their Reflex saves.

2019-08-20, 08:06 PM
Augmented Summoning is effectively Augmented Subschool (Conjuration (Summoning)), so along those lines...

Augmented Subschool
You have mastered a particular subschool of magic.

Spell Focus in the relevant school of magic for the chosen subschool.

Choose a particular subschool of magic. You gain the benefits described below whenever you cast spells from that subschool.

You may apply [Metamagic] feats to spells from the chosen subschool without increasing their spell level or casting time.

You gain a +5 bonus to your caster level when casting healing spells.

You may cast scrying spells even on creatures, places, and items that you are completely unfamiliar with or with which you have no connection.

Creatures you summon gain a +2 enhancement bonus to each of their ability scores. This bonus increases to +4 at caster level 6th, and to +6 at caster level 12th.

Your shadow spells are 1% more real per caster level.

You may select this feat more than once, choosing a different subschool each time.

A wizard may select this feat as one of her bonus wizard feats.