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2007-10-09, 08:03 PM
I just got a question about a combo or two using the following tricks:
1)palm throw
2)two in one blow
3)tumbling toss

First of all, can you use palm throw with two in one blow?Thus for every attack giving you two attacks against two adjacent enemies. Thus say, if you have BAB 15/10/5 you get 6 attacks on each enemy, thus 12 attacks...

Second, can you use palm throw with tumbling toss?Thus tumble and attack at the end of the tumble. Also, if you position yourself correctly after the tumble could you use the above combo with the first combo?

Also, except for invisibility and throwing from hidden, what other ways are there to get SA with thrown weapons? I'm using an rogue/invisible blade/master thrower build so if you use the uncanny feint(free action to feint) ability of the invisible blade, would you get SA on a full attack?

2007-10-09, 08:43 PM
A few things:

-Palm Throw doesn't give you extra attacks. It lets you throw an extra weapon with each attack you already have (like Manyshot).

-Feinting only works on the next melee attack, so you can't get it for every attack in a full attack, and you can't use it with ranged weapons.

-According to the CW errata, palm throw only gives precision damage once (like manyshot). Also, the free action feint ability of the invisible blade can only be done once per round.

Anyway, you could conceivably use palm throw in conjunction with tumbling toss, or with two with one blow. And yes, you could use all three tricks in conjunction with each other (although by taking all three tricks, you'd be missing out on the weak spot trick, which is pretty cool).

Other ways to get ranged sneak attack could be things like blinding, stunning, or using some other dex denying status effect on the opponent.