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2007-10-10, 12:03 AM
in an upcoming game i am going to be playing a druid, who worships elementals, imparticular the air elemental and storm elemental.

i was wanting to actually become an elemental through wild shape. the only problem is that you don't gain till 16, or the racial substitution of the goliath, adoptaded to air elemental, which is at 12, and would allow greater, but not elder, and then only at level 20...

i know you can do master of many forms, which allows the ability at level 15 as well..

my question is, that to go into larger elementals that huge.. like greater and elder, you need to have more hd's or the ability to replicate that.

does anyone have any idea's on how to accomplish this?

the greater is hd 21, and the elder hd 24.

2007-10-10, 12:13 AM
Someone posted a class quite a while ago, which I saved for use in my homebrew. It is a class based on shapeshifting, allowing you to become an elemental (note, not too powerful of one) at level 6.

EDIT: *cough* Link (http://amaret.proboards47.com/index.cgi?board=classes&action=display&thread=1174797825) might help...

2007-10-10, 12:18 AM
You could also go Divine Minion cheese and then take Master of Many Forms as quickly as possible. You can also wildshape into other forms as well, just in case. It is Faerun-specific though.


2007-10-10, 12:29 AM
You could work with your DM to make a modification of the spell Primal Form (from the SC), it allows you to take on aspects of an elemental of the chosen type.

just scale it up as you level to keep with the theme.
possibly make it into a Spell like ability useable the number of times a day that wildshape would normally be

That would allow you to be in a Elemental Form as early as lvl 5, it wont be large but you have to start somewhere

2007-10-10, 09:04 AM
I agree with Leon. Just ask for a house rule. Maybe:

Elemental Devotee:

You gain the ability to Wildshape into a single Elemental of Medium size at 5th level. This increases to a Large Elemental at 8th level, a Huge Elemental at 11th level, a Greater Elemental at 15th level, and an Elder Elemental at 20th level.

You may never Wildshape into any form other then your chosen Elemental type, even if you are allowed to do so because of a feat, class, or prestige class.

Also keep in mind that when you Wildshape, you retain the type and subtype of its original form. So its not like you're getting any of the cool Elemental immunities or anything.