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2019-07-23, 08:21 PM
So I've been working on some homebrew races for awhile now, based off of a book series I'm a fan of. I've reached a bit of a road block on one of the races, and I thought I'd reach out for some help.

So the main problem I'm having currently is with this one race called a displacer. Basically, a displacer has the capability to remove it's body parts and graft them on to other living things. They are capable of surviving decapitation which makes it harder for me to figure out how exactly to make them work. I forgot to mention, that they retain control over the body parts when they detach them from their body. Not only that, but the person they graft them to can use them too.

2019-07-23, 09:10 PM
I realized I could just copy paste what I have and let you all see. So here's what I originally made, and I recognize there's almost no game rules in this. But that's why I'm here, need to flush it out and wanted some help with that. Currently working on that though and will include what I've done so far.

Displacer's Traits v1:

Ability Score Increase: Because of the fact that most displacers are used as spies and assassins, they’re naturally dexterous. They get a +2 bonus to Dexterity. Also, because they’re wizard born, and live longer then men, they get a +1 bonus to Constitution.

Age: Displacers are much like humans, except for a few key features. Like this, their age. They tend to live longer than most men and age more slowly. So, most of the time they age to, 100-120 years old. While remaining fairly similar to how they looked when they were younger.

Alignment: Displacers, much like humans, can be any alignment. Those who remain loyal to their makers or clans are very loyal and lawful, good or evil; however, those who have left are chaotic and tend to live by their own rules.

Size: Although, like humans, displacers tend to vary in height, from 6ft to 5ft. Despite this your Size is Medium.

Speed: Displacers, much like humans, have a base walking speed of 30 feet.

Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

Natural Spy: As mentioned earlier, displacers are often used as spies. Granting them proficiency to Perception.

Displacement: And of course, the Displacer’s “natural” ability. The ability to remove body parts and retain the use of them. The body parts that are removed can be grafted on to other people magically, granting both the person it is grafted to, and the displacer themselves the ability to use the body part. This ability has an infinite range, although, there are finite body parts one is allowed to remove. This allows them to survive stuff like beheadings. Although, these body parts, can be poisoned or destroyed forcing the true owner the displacer to cut off the body part from this ability. Meaning that part of the body effectively dies.

What I'm working on currently:

Displacement: The Displacers have a field of displacement which allows body parts to be detached from their body, both willingly and unwillingly. The body parts are connected to the displacer as long as they are on the same plan as it. If the body part is moved to another plane, the displacer is aware of it and which plane it moved to and must move to the same plane within one minute or the displacing field around the body part evaporates. Grafting a body part to yourself takes a bonus action while grafting a body part to someone else takes at least a minute. This ability allows them to survive being decapitated and walk away almost like nothing happened. Though they are able to reattach the parts that get lopped off, they still take the damage and they can still die due to their health reaching zero.