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2019-07-29, 04:30 PM
So I started DMing a game where the players have to collect magical items. These items were created at the birth of the first god of magic. These items are generally have strange abilities and would be based off The Lost Room (list of objects from the show) (https://lostroom.fandom.com/wiki/Objects) they don't have to make sense but they should have some use. For example a watch that hard boils eggs and a key that can be used at any door (with a key hole) and leads to the same room each time. Also this game still takes place during typical d&d medieval times just with no magic in existence. Might need a lot of these so idea would be nice!

I'll throw some ideas out there.
Right Glove- When worn warms objects touched by 10 degrees.
Left Glove- Outside of gloves don't make contact with objects when worn (hand passes through objects).
Candlestick- While a candle is lit inside of it the candle doesn't lose usage time.
Ring- Gives wearer telekinesis

2019-07-29, 11:38 PM
You're tearing me apart, Li...oh, wait. Wrong room.

Obviously anything described in a movie, TV show or comic can be hard to D&D stat. "instantly sublimates brass" for example is a really odd niche of 99% useless, 1% instant kill of a brass golem.

However, that "hand becomes insubstantial" has potential. You couldn't, for example, open a door from the other side, pick a pocket, or pull an item out of a chest. But it could be useful for spell touch attacks. Possibly the gloves could let you turn a ranged touch spell attack into a Dex save? I'm hesitant to say "touch attacks bypass armor" because, quite frankly, it's a 5E thing that this doesn't happen.

2019-07-30, 03:36 AM
You're tearing me apart, Li...oh, wait. Wrong room.
... Or maybe it's the right room, but wrong thread?
Glad to know this was someone else's first thought also.