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Great Dragon
2019-07-29, 11:09 PM
I have LOTS more D&D Character ideas.
I just don't want to bog (Tawmis) down with so many people asking for your assistance.
But, I'm going to offer my aid as a DM.
If you're interested.

I'm fairly good at figuring out mechanical stuff related to how a Player wants their PC to work.

Just a basic idea on what is desired, along with what Race is wanted.

For 5e D&D (and with a little time, 3x or Older)
I can then work in Background and Class/es.

And leave the actual writing of the Backstory to (Tawmis).

I can even do most Sci-fi.
To me, there's not a lot of difference between High Magic and High Tech, except how they look.

I would say start a new thread! So that way my thread won't get crazy with replies, where I am losing character requests in there! But do what I do - if you find something you can suggest - post it in your thread, and PM them a link to it.

I am just enjoying writing these challenges!

I just made a SWd20 (not Saga) thread
Races (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?594051-Star-Wars-Races&p=24059593#post24059593)
asking for more PCs in that kind of game, so Characters that are based on this that are already fully done and fleshed out can go there.
Undeveloped SW PCs can go here.

Ok. This is the thread for posting general Character ideas, and getting assistance in making a concept into a PC.

Please include which RPG system you want the Character to be in, at least for mechanical related stuff.

At least Race:
Class, and (5e D&D) Background, if chosen.

For making Tawmis' task a little easier, please also include gender and as much about their Personality as possible.
******** ********** *********
Dropping in completed Characters for others to share, is perfectly fine.

Some fine ideas
Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?591816-Are-you-creative&p=24041366#post24041366)

Do you have a Character in need of some assistance with Mechanical Crunch or Fluff?

Do you have more than one PC that you would like looked at?
or were you somehow overlooked?

I just made <This Thread> just for these.

Not limited to just D&D, but also most Sci-fi (and not just Star Wars) and perhaps a few other RPGs.

Note: there are RPGs that I am not familiar with, and some research on that will be needed.
Please have patience.

2019-07-29, 11:19 PM
I look forward to this thread hopefully taking off like a rocket!

Great Dragon
2019-07-30, 01:51 AM
I look forward to this thread hopefully taking off like a rocket!

As am I. Sadly, it doesn't seem likely.

Because I am horrible at SciFi - I managed to ditch most of the SciFi elements of it and keep it almost "fantasy" oriented.
I dug deep with some Star Wars lore that allowed me to do some "foreshadowing"...
But in case one is not aware of the beasts and such, I have characters mention it... So it doesn't take a hardcore Star Wars fan to know it.
Anyway... Enjoy!
Please let me know your thoughts, especially since this is Star Wars, where I have run (and played) in the games, but never really wrote anything for it...
Kashyyyk was a beautiful planet, full of towering treetops and endless amounts of animals and plants. Most commonly known for being the home Wookiees, they lived in treehouses that spiraled up the massive trees. The ground level of Kashyyyk was full of untamed and often extremely violent and lethal animals and plants, which is why Wookies took to living in the trees above it all.

But for one of the Wookie’s greatest enemies, Trandoshans who worshiped their goddess, the Scorekeeper, this was a wonderful means of scoring jagannath points. Jagannath points were earned by committing acts of violence, usually involved in hunting and capture (and more often than not, killing) a target, which led many Trandoshans to take up bounty hunting. But for those Trandoshans who did not have the means to travel far, coming to Kashyyyk and hunting the wide variety of animals was the next best thing, especially if a Wookiee could be killed. A Wookiee’s pelt was worth quite a few jagannath points.

Skorm, and his brother, Journ, were here for that very reason. Skorm was taller than his brother, Journ, and the hue of his skin a deeper red color, while Journ was yellow-orange in tint. As Trandoshans, they were large, bipedal reptilian humanoids from the planet Trandosha, which shared the Mytaranor solar system as Kashyyyk, and as such developed a long hatred between Trandoshans and Wookiees.

Several moons ago, while hunting down Terentatek, Skorm had unwittingly saved a Wookiee from the vicious creature. Terentatek were large, brutish creatures covered in spines, similar to viciously known and feared rancors; they were however smaller than them. Terentateks hunted individuals sensitive to the Force to feed on their blood, according to legend. Using their highly poisonous tusks and claws in combat, they were known for their viciousness, and thus highly valuable for jagannath points.

When Skorm had tracked the Terentatek and attacked, he’d not seen that the beast was already engaged in combat with a Wookiee. The beast seeing that it was potentially outnumbered fled, leaving Skorm and the Wookiee to fight. The Wookiee already full of adrenaline from fighting the Terentatek, had managed to best Skorm, knocking his blaster from his clawed hand. Instead of killing Skorm however, the Wookiee raised its hands and howled, and quickly fled. That had greatly impacted Skorm’s jagannath points in the eyes of the Scorekeeper and the only way to earn those points back was to slay the one who insulted you, and thus removed all your points. But Skorm knew that one on one, Wookiees were physically stronger, and so he convinced his brother to come with him, dragging Journ with him, who had been in the middle of hunting Wyyyschokk, which were giant spiders that made their homes in Kashyyyk, preying on anything that entered its web, whether flesh or steel.

“{Why would a Wookiee be fighting a Terentatek anyway?}” Journ asked in their native tongue of Dorn. Anyone else who did not speak the language it would have sounded like an angry serpent.

“{The Wookiee was probably hunting for food,}” Skorm replied, “{and came across the Terentatek, thinking he could kill the thing. Wookiees are fools. But we need to find that fool,}” Skorm growled, thinking how he had lost all of the points he’d acquired and would never be able to regain them unless he killed the Wookiee.

Trandoshans spent their lives hunting, tracking and killing, and once Skorm retraced his steps to where he had originally encountered the Terentatek and the Wookiee, he was able to begin looking at the way the plants were bent, and see the bent portions and know roughly how long ago the plant’s base had been snapped. Through that he could retrace the fight, exclude any recent passage through the area and narrow down which way the Wookiee had gone.

Tracking the footprints to a large tree, Skorm and Journ looked up and saw a Wookiee hut above them. Strapping their weapons to their back, they pulled out equipment that specifically allowed them to thrust blades into the tree and assist them with climbing such trees in their pursuit of hunting down and killing Wookiees.

They reached the large hut and gained entrance and quickly drew their weapons. Despite the primitive nature of the huts, it was made so that it wrapped around the tree and was extremely large, moving up and down, alongside the tree.

Both Skorm and Journ finally found the Wookiee who had their back turned to them, tending to one of the Wookiee children. There was no honor code in killing Wookiees when it came to Trandoshans – it was merely, “By any means necessary.” Skorm took aim in his scope, a toothy grin spread across his reptilian features as he pulled the trigger.

Just before hitting the Wookiee, the blast suddenly veered upwards. The Wookie turned and saw the familiar face of Skorm and howled in fury that the Trandoshan had returned. Still recovering from the notion that he had somehow missed the Wookiee, Skorm did not get his weapon up in time before the Wookiee was on top of him, strangling him.

Journ seeing his brother being strangled, raised his weapon, but suddenly felt a shove that slammed him against the wall, knocking the weapon from out of his hand. The Wookiee did not even notice as he continued to crush Skorm’s throat. Skorm reached into his coat and pulled out a vibro-blade which he plunged into the Wookiee’s stomach. The Wookiee howled in pain and dropped Skorm. Skorm pulled up his blaster, but the Wookiee grabbed Skorm by the arm and ripped it off effortlessly. Green blood splashed into the room as Skorm howled in furious pain. Trandoshans had the ability to regenerate, albeit slowly, but only if he survived.

Skorm grabbed his blaster with the other hand, and feebly tried to pull it up. But the Wookiee reached down and with a quick snap, broke Skorm’s neck. Skorm’s lifelessly body collapsed to the ground. By this time, Journ was back on his feet and aimed his blaster, and fired – and once again, the blast veered off at the last moment. This time he saw why.

A human holding a red lightsaber was standing between him and the Wookiee. With a gesture of his hand, Journ flew out the window and screamed as he fell to what one might assume was his death, sixty feet below.

The human turned and the Wookiee grabbed him by the throat.

The human dropped his lightsaber and raised his hands as he choked out the words, “I mean you no harm, Wookiee.”

The Wookiee threw the human down on the ground, still furious about the Trandoshans and the stab wound. The human rubbed his throat, “It would seem I saved your life, Wookiee, not once, but twice from those Trandoshans. I believe your people have a thing called a life debt…”

The Wookiee howled angrily towards the human. “Yes,” the human nodded, “I am sure you could have taken care of it yourself. Both times the Trandoshans were going to hit you when you weren’t looking.”

The Wookiee growled again.

“Why am I here?” The human picked up the lightsaber and attached it to his belt. “Is it not obvious?”

The Wookiee made an assortment of sounds.

“You,” the human paused, “you really don’t know, do you?” He chuckled. “Interesting. You moved away from your people because of the constant attacks by Terentatek down below. You left with your family. Your mate was killed and now you have only your daughter to remember her by.” He made himself comfortable. “You do know that Terentatek feed on the blood of those who are Force Sensitive?”

The Wookiee made a series of dubious grunts and growls.

“This is why the Terentatek are drawn to you,” the human explained.

The Wookiee shook his head.

“Come with me. I can show you the way,” the human offered.

The Wookiee growled.

“Your daughter? I will see to it personally that she is well taken care of,” the human smiled beneath his dark cowl.

There was a long moment, but the Wookiee finally agreed. The man stood up, “Excellent. Now allow me to show you something… this is going to hurt…”

The human closed his eyes and reached out – the Wookiee howled in pain as his claws were forcibly pulled out of his fingers so that they were six to eight inches long, drenched in blood. The human smiled as the Wookiee grew furious and the blood on his claws changed, and began to glow.

“Give in to the anger,” the human whispered. “Feel the fury. Become the weapon.”

When the Wookiee finally looked up, each of his claws was glowing like miniature lightsabers.

“Yes,” the human smiled. “With weapons like that, I have a new name for you. Maul.”

Here is some more about Maul.


These are entirely optional.
But I could use all the help I can get.

(Vriellimor) Maul is like a 6th Level Character when the Party meets him. (they are starting 3rd)

Levels 1 to 3
I'm figuring that Maul is taken to Corucent (where his daughter is given a nice safe place to stay, and access to education not normally available to Wookiees) but his reception is far from welcoming by most people already there. And he's constantly harassed and Hazed by several groups of Humans.

This causes Maul to develop a real, lasting hatred of other Races, especially Humans.

Levels 4-6
Perhaps a self appointed revenge-based mission against Trandoshans on Kashyyyk ?
Thinks: "They want to keep Score on kills? Fine!"
Growls "I'll make sure I'm the winner!"
Starts earning the name Maul....

Level 5
Maul is sent on first official Mission: Naboo (start of Phantom Menace)
(Nute Gunray, the Neimoidian Viceroy of The Trade Federation is not informed of Maul's existence.)

Side Project Two
"Wookiee Daughter". (Ieldaenmirri)
Since she's also most likely Force Sensitive, just young, the Human is making sure that she gets exposure to situations that encourage her to learn about and develop her innate abilities.
Technically not an Apprentice, so the Human has no worries about the Sith Rule of Two.

Perhaps a Force Adept tutor? (Race left open)
(Explanation: Force Adepts are skilled in the use of the Force, but not the ways of either Jedi or Sith)

I'll edit in the Crunch for Maul when on my Tablet. Done !


(Vriellimor) * Wookiee (m) Ht 6’1” Wt 226
Start Str 18 Dex 18 Con 18 Int 14 Wis 12 Cha 12
+4 Str -2 Dex -2 Wis -2 Cha
Str 22 Dex 16 Con 19 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 10

Wookiee Rage: (Swift) (Lasts 5+Con mod rounds. +4 Str, +2/level vitality,
+2 vs For and Will saves. -2 AC.
Cannot use anything Skills/Feats/Features requiring patience.
After has -2 Str and Dex and cannot run or Charge for the same amount of time the Rage lasted.)

Extraordinary Recuperation: Regain 2+con vitality per hour. Regain 2 Wounds per day of rest

Sith Hunter

(01) Force Training Control * Defense (+1 Dodge; reaction?) Feat: Two Weapon Fighting.
Wounds 18 * Vitality 14 (1d10 +4) * Defense +3 * Rep +1
For 2 + 4 Con = 6 * Ref 2 +3 Dex = 5 * Will 1 +0 Wis = 1
AC 10 + 3 def + 3 dex = 16.

Skills (4+2 /lv) Climb 4 + 6 str +2 Race = 12 * Intimidate 4 + 6 Str + 4 Race = 14 *
Pilot 4 + 3 Dex = 7 * Move Silently 4 + 3 Dex = 7

Force Skills: Battlemind Cost 2 + bonus vitality. (move) 4 ranks + 4 Con = 8
(1-4) +1 to hit * (5-14) +2 to hit (15-24) +3 to Hit (25-34) +4 To Hit (35+) +5 to hit.

Force Stealth (Full) 4 + 0 Cha = 4 * Sets DC to detect. Lasts 10 minutes. Costs 2 vitality.

BaB 1 +6 = 7 TWF 5/5+ 6 Str = 11/11 * Damage 4d4 +6 energy.
(18 damage per hit, average, and 22 max)

(02) Bonus Feat b[]Force Rage[/b] (Swift) (Lasts 5+Con rounds.
+4 Str, +2/level vitality, +2 vs For and Will saves. -2 AC
Cannot use anything Skills/Feats/Features requiring patience. +1 Dark Side Point.
Does not stack with Wookiee Rage)

Wounds 18 * Vitality 24 (2d10 +4) * Defense +3 * Rep +1
For 3 + 4 Con = 7 * Ref 3 +3 Dex = 6 * Will 2 +0 Wis = 2
AC 10 + 3 def + 3 dex = 16.

Skills: Climb 5 + 6 str +2 Race = 13 * Intimidate 5 + 6 Str + 4 Race = 15 *
Pilot 5 + 3 Dex = 8 * Move Silently 5 + 3 Dex = 8

Force Skills: Battlemind 5 + 4 Con = 9 * Force Stealth 5 + 0 Cha = 5

BaB 2 +6 = 8 TWF 6/6+ 6 Str = 9/9 * Damage 4d4 +6 energy.
(18 damage per hit, average, and 22 max)

(03) Force Training Alter * Feat: Power Attack
Wounds 18 * Vitality 34 (3d10 +4) * Defense +3 * Rep +1
For 3 + 4 Con = 7 * Ref 3 +3 Dex = 6 * Will 2 +0 Wis = 2
AC 10 + 4 def + 3 dex = 17.

Skills Climb 5 + 6 str +2 Race = 13 * Intimidate 5 + 6 Str + 4 Race = 15 *
Pilot 5 + 3 Dex = 8 * Move Silently 5 + 3 Dex = 7

Force Skills: Battlemind 6 + 4 Con = 10 * Force Stealth 6 + 0 Cha = 6
Enhance Ability (attack) Lasts one minute 4 + 4 Con = 8
Str or Dex (15-19) +2 (20-24) +4 (25-29) +6 (30+) +8

BaB 3 +6 = 9 TWF 1/1+ 6 Str = 7/7 * Damage 4d4 +6 energy.
(18 damage per hit, average, and 22 max)
PA/TWF -2/-2 + 6 = 4/4 * Add 6 damage per hit.

(04) Force Training Sense * ASI +1 Con
Wounds 19 * Vitality 44 (42d10 +4) * Defense +3 * Rep +1
For 4 + 4 Con = 8 * Ref 4 +3 Dex = 7 * Will 2 +0 Wis = 2
AC 10 + 4 def + 3 Dex = 17.

Skills: Climb 5 + 6 str +2 Race = 13 * Intimidate 5 + 6 Str + 4 Race = 15 *
Pilot 5 + 3 Dex = 8 * Move Silently 5 + 3 Dex = 8

Force Skills: Battlemind 7 + 4 Con = 11 * Force Stealth 7 + 0 Cha = 7
Enhance Senses 4 + 0 Wis = 4

BaB 4+6 = 10 TWF 2/2+ 6 Str = 8/8 *
Damage 4d4 +6 energy.
(18 damage per hit, average, and 22 max)
PA/TWF -2/-2 +6 = +4/+4 * Add 8 damage per hit.

(05) Increased Lightsaber Damage 3d8
Wounds 18 * Vitality 54 (5d10 +4) * Defense +3 * Rep +2
For 4 + 4 Con = 8 * Ref 4 +3 Dex = 7 * Will 3 +0 Wis = 3
AC 10 + 5 def + 3 dex = 18
Skills: Climb 5 + 6 str +2 Race = 13 * Intimidate 5 + 6 Str + 4 Race = 15 *
Pilot 5 + 3 Dex = 8 * Move Silently 5 + 3 Dex = 8

Force Skills: Battlemind 8 + 4 Con = 12 *
Force Stealth 8 + 0 Cha = 8
Enhance Ability 6 + 4 Con = 10 *
Force Stealth 6 + 3 Dex = 9

BaB 5 +6 = 11 TWF 3/3 + 6 Str = 9/9 *
Damage 4d4 +6 energy.
(18 damage per hit, average, and 22 max)
PA/TWF -2/-2 +6 = 4/4 * Add 10 damage per hit.

(06) Feat: Pilot Starfighter
Wounds 18 * Vitality 64 (6d10 +4) * Defense +3 * Rep + 2
For 5 + 4 Con = 9 * Ref 5 +3 Dex = 8 * Will 3 +0 Wis = 3
AC 10 + 5 def + 3 dex = 18

Skills: Climb 5 + 6 str +2 Race = 13 * Intimidate 5 + 6 Str + 4 Race = 15 *
Pilot 5 + 3 Dex = 8 * Move Silently 5 + 3 Dex = 8

Force Skills: Battlemind 8 + 4 Con = 12 *
Force Stealth 8 + 0 Cha = 8
Enhance Ability 6 + 4 Con = 10 *

Enhance Senses 5 + 0 Wis = 5

BaB 6/1 + 6 str = 12/7 * TWF 4/4/-1+ 6 Str = 10/10/5 * Damage 4d4 +6 energy.
(18 damage per hit, average, and 22 max)
PA/TWF -2/-2/-3 +6 = 4/4/3 (+3 Battlemind)
Add 12 damage per hit.

Oh, and as a helpful aid, posters please put in whom they are directing their Request to:
Either (Great Dragon) or (Tawmis) before or in the Title of a spoiler.
(Please use full Title ID for me, as there are lots more "Dragon" members on the Forum)

Or just the RPG System in said Spoiler Title.

Legal Note: What's listed as public information (allowed on the Net) for a Topic, and the RPGs are mostly allowed.

Also, all posted content remains the intellectual property of the original Poster, with the understanding that use by others is allowed, but not for profit.

Try not to ask for any of the Novels, or anything involving specific cannon Characters.
Not only am I not familiar with them all; using anything from these isn't really allowed, even if mostly Fanfic.
Not fighting that Battle, thanks.

Links to Wiki-like sites welcome, please no downloads. If you have something in Google Docs/Drive - Cloud, etc - please convert to text and put that in a Spoiler. Not everyone has Access to those.

Here is a list: (limited, will Edit)
* Means I am not familiar with that.

SWd20 = Core, SW Saga*, SWd6*
SWR= Rebel Era*, SWbf= Battlefront.*
SWne = New Empire.* SW Edge* = Edge of the Empire.
KotoR 1* and 2* = Knights of the Old Republic
(some research needed)

SW Movies need the Episode Number, please.
SW1 = Menace, 2 = Clones, 3 = Revenge.
4 = New Hope, 5 = Strikes, 6 = Return
7 = Force Awakens, 8 = Last Jedi, and
9 = Rise of Skywalker* (not yet released)

Referencing Lore only:
R1 = Rebel One. HS = Han Solo.
SR = Shadowrun. 1e, 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e, 2077.

CP = Cyberpunk. CpG = Generations.

STrpg = Star Trek*
oSt = Original Star Trek,
TNG = The Next Generation,
DS9 = Deep Space 9,
STe = Enterprise*,
STd = Discovery.*

D&D 0e* (anything before AD&D), 1e*, 2e*, 3x, 4e (learning), and 5e
(* Sure, I played most of these, but it's been a decade since I really did 3x, and lots longer for the rest.
I'd have to find the information again)

PF = Pathfinder 1e, as I don't have the new 2e.

DDC = Dungeon Crawl Classics.*
LL = Labyrinth Lord.*
ACK = Adventurer, Conquer, King.*

SHd20 = Super Heroes*
M&M = Mutants and Masterminds,
Vv = Villains and Vigilantes*,
CCVF = Capes, Cowls & Villains Foul*
MWwG = Macho Women with Guns*
N&S = Ninjas and Superspies*
BR = base Raiders*
DcH = DC Heroes*
MSH = Marvel Superheroes*
SC = Sentinel Comics*
WiP = Worlds in Peril

Top Secret


Also, I tend to use Abilities and modifers as D&D 3x/5e.
So if wanting an RPG using something different, please let me know in advance. I'll do my best.

You can PM me Dice Rolls for Stats:
You can use (rollv)4d6(/roll) using [square braces] instead of (parentheses), note the "v" in the opening tag, this will display X separate results of rolling a Y-sided die and add them together in bold.

4d6, Reroll Ones only, and take best 3;
do that six times, and arrange as you like.

I'll look up the Race you choose - and I'll tell you their Ability Modifiers.

You can then pick Class/es

Get stuck? By all means ask me!
Email ([email protected]) is fastest, but PM works.

Tawmis: If you have time: work your magic!

Name: Emza Fiendreaper.

Female. Variant Human Alert Feat.
Ht 5'9" Wt 176 Eyes Blue Hair Black. Age 56.
Str 20 Dex 10 Con 20 Int 16 Wis 18 Cha 14

Race: Language: Celestial

Background: Noble. History (5 + 3 = 8) and Perception (5+ 4 = 10). Language: Sylvan.

Trait: While tolerant of most Fey, will hunt down any Evil creature.
Family Creed: "If I cannot rid the World of Evil, I will at least expunge of it what I can."

Ideals: Noble Obligation. It is my duty to protect and care for the people beneath me. (Good)
Responsibility. Rule with wisdom. Defend those in my care. (Lawful)

Bond: The common folk must see me as a hero o f the people.

Flaw: In fact, the world does revolve around me.

(Backstory Idea: From a long line of Heroic individuals dedicated to keeping the World safe from Fiends.)

Skills: Insight (5 + 4 = 9), Persuasion (5 + 2 = 7).
Languages: Common; Undercommon, Abyssal, and Infernal.

ASIs +2 Str +2 Con.
Feats Great Weapon Master, Shield Master, Mage Slayer.

Class: Ancients Paladin 16th
Saving Throws: Wisdom 5 + 4 = 9 * Charisma 5 + 2 = 7
HP 225 (15d10 + 75)
AC 24 (18 + 2 magic + 4 shield)
Melee 6 +5 + 3 = 14 to hit times two * Damage: 1d10 (6) +5 str +3 magic

01 Divine Sense, Lay on Hands (75 hp)
02 Fighting Style: Protection
03 Divine Health; Nature’s Wrath. Turn the Faithless.
05 Extra Attack
06 Aura of Protection
07 Aura of Warding
10 Aura of Courage
11 Improved Divine Smite
14 Cleansing Touch
15 Undying Sentinel

First (4 slots) Compelled Duel, Shield of Faith, Wrathful Smite

Second (3 slots) Branding Smite, Find Steed, Locate Object.

Third (3 slots) Aura of Vitality, Crusader's Mantle, Revivify.

Fourth (2 slots) Aura of Life, Death Ward.

Equipment: +2 Adamantine Plate (calling), +2 shield (calling), +3 Longsword (calling), Portable Hole, Decanter of Endless Water, Boots of Spider Climbing, Neckless of Adaptation, Amulet of Proof from Detection and Location, Backpack, 10 days rations, Everlit Hooded Lantern.

I got a little too carried away with this one and since I only give myself an hour to write these...
I did not write how they get off the... Well, read and see...
But I explain how they could have...
And leave the rest open for you to explore with as you please, if you enjoy what's been presented!
As always, I welcome feedback! Did you - Love it? Hate it? Think it was "just all right"?
Great !!

2019-08-07, 12:19 PM
I could definitely do with a hand. I have several concepts/things I like and have kind of sort of maybe narrowed it down in my own thread about the subject, but am struggling mechanically.

Here's the shape of things: it's a DnD 5e game involving 2 PCs, one of which is me, the other of whom is a ranger. They will be decent at melee (two short sword fighting) and great at things like stealth and survival. We are using point buy for stats.

Classes I am particularly fond of are fighters, bards, sorcerers and druids. Paladins, warlocks and wizards are ok. The character needs to have social skills (say Cha 14+ and Persuasion min), as well as be ok at holding their own in melee - after all, with only two of us it's likely that he'll get pounced on at some point. He should probably be able to neutralise traps and locks. Oh, and a little healing ability probably wouldn't go amiss in case the ranger falls over.

In terms of races I would prefer human (either kind), elf or half-elf. We're starting at level 1, so a single class concept would be good. And if possible I'd rather avoid silly things like staff and shield, dagger and shield, or stuff that just generally doesn't look that cool. I'm sorry - I'm shallow!

Is this at all feasible or am I asking too much?

Great Dragon
2019-08-08, 01:58 AM
@Jaryn: Thank you very much for posting !!!

Ok. Let me see what I can do.

Point Buy options:
Power: 15, 15, 15, 08, 08, 08.
Good: 15, 15, 11, 10, 10, 10
Balanced: 13, 13, 13, 12, 12, 12.

I'm going to assume that negative modifiers are kinda not wanted, here.

So, go with Balanced Good Option.
Forest Gnome
+2 to Int and +1 Dex. Advantage on Int, Wis, and Cha Saves.

Str 10 Dex 16 Con 15 Int 13 Wis 10 Cha 10

Background: Personally, I'd avoid Outlander, since double stacking Food Gathering (which the DM can limit to terrain based on either Home or Favored Region, or perhaps one Gathering applying in each) isn't really needed with only two PCs. It can still be used, just offering some non-standard options.

Good picks:
Folk Hero (Robin Hood type)
Soldier (Scout type)

Class skills: two from Background.
Stealth, Perception, and Survival
(Remember that a duplicate skill can be exchanged for a different skill)

Favored Terrain: Player Choice.
Favored Enemy: Goblinoids and Kobolds.

Class: Two Weapon Fighting Style.
Bonus Feat: Duel Wielder (allows double Rapiers with TWF for 1d8+2 damage per hit)

Languages: Gnomish (race) Common (free); Goblin (Race); Draconic (Class)

I'd go with either:
1) Hunter
2) Monster Slayer
3) Gloomestalker

For you, since your wanting a PC that has several Abilities contained within it, including healing, I have two PC options to choose from.

Take the Good option for Abilities.
The Power Option is going to really hurt Class Abilities and other skill based checks.

Bard, with either College of Valor (Inspiration to help a buddy hurt foes as well as the usual stuff) or College of Swords (use Inspiration for doing flashy moves - like Zoro - that actually benefit you)

For Race, I'd go with Half-Elf, +2 Cha

Put one 15 into Cha, for 17 total.

Now, for best results, put the second 15 into Dex and give it one of the +1 race bonuses, for 16 total.

Put 11 into Con and give it the other +1, for 12 total. And 10 in everything else.

Background: choose either Urchin (Sleight of Hand and Stealth) or Criminal/Spy (Deception and Stealth) for skills and Thieves Tools.

Personally, I would have swapped Disguise Kit and the Gaming Set between these two Backgrounds, since the Criminal having Disguise makes more sense. Ask your DM.

Background: Stealth +1 skill.
Race: Perception, Insight
Class: Investigation, History, and Acrobatics.
Tools: Thieves Tools. Any three instruments.
Plus one from background.

Now, this one I'm making a Powerhouse, but perhaps a little thick. Not easy to fool, though.

Power Option.
15+1 Str, 15+1 Con, and 15 Wis.
08 Dex, 08 Int and 08 Cha.

Variant Human Paladin. Subclass left to Player.

Background: Acolyte: Insight and Religion.
Common +2 Languages: Infernal and Abyssal.

Skills: Athletics and Persuasion

Great Weapon Fighting Style.
Bonus Feat: Great Weapon Master.

Equipment: Longsword and Light Crossbow, backup Warhammer, Chainmail, and Explorer's Pack.

Well, let me know what you think.

2019-08-08, 02:35 AM
Thank you, that's really helpful! One tweak and one question...

First off, the ranger player would like to be a forest gnome. Sorry - I really should have mentioned that at the beginning.

Secondly, I'm leaning towards the bard option. A Zorro-esque swords one sounds a little more fun - I just wanted to check that they would be resilient enough. Leather armour and Dex 16 is an AC of, what, 14? Hoping that's enough to get through first level 🙂

Edit: Good news - backgrounds are pretty customisable.

Great Dragon
2019-08-08, 05:43 AM
Thank you, that's really helpful! One tweak and one question...

First off, the ranger player would like to be a forest gnome. Sorry - I really should have mentioned that at the beginning.

Ok. I'll edit in Race when on my Tablet.

Secondly, I'm leaning towards the bard option. A Zorro-esque swords one sounds a little more fun - I just wanted to check that they would be resilient enough. Leather armour and Dex 16 is an AC of, what, 14? Hoping that's enough to get through first level 🙂

Edit: Good news - backgrounds are pretty customisable.

Yes. AC 14. If you can get/afford it Studded Leather would give one more point: AC 15.

Here are two more options:

Divine Soul. (XgE)

Good Abilities.

Race: Drow (female) +2 Dex (17) +1 Cha (16)
Spell attack +5. Spell DC 13

Background: Survivor: Insight and Survival
Race: Perception
Class: Arcana, Religion.

(4th level) Drow High Magic.

Equipment: Dungeoneer's Pack, Light Crossbow, Rapier (race), Dagger. 5 gold.

0 Fire Bolt, Message, Light, Mage Hand.

1 (2 slots) Mage Armor, Cure Wounds.

{I don't consider myself to be anywhere near Tawmis, when it comes to writing stories.}
But, here's an idea:

I have a connection to the Divine, but I am free from the restraints of any Church.

As told to me by my Mentor, who learned it from his, back beyond recorded History:

Everyone talks about how the Drow Fell.

All the Lolth Priesthood talks about is the Power she has and offers.

There are two things that neither talk about:

The first is, how Corellon has learned to temper his anger, and control his impatience, and come to care about the Elves overall.

The Second is, How Elistreaee defies her Mother, and yet remains independent of her Father. While never distancing herself from the Elven Race, and always seeking to bring the Drow back into the Light. Moonlight, at least.

So, you may ask "Which deity grants you're powers?" To which I reply: "I don't know."

Now, I go out into the World, and see if I can affect the Destiny of the Elves, while finding my own.

Celestial. (XgE)

Good Abilities.
Variant Human: Spell Sniper feat.
Str 10 Dex 11 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 16

Background: (SCAG) Far Traveler.
Insight, Perception.
Class: Arcana and Religion.
Languages: Common (free), Celestial (race).

0 Eldritch Blast, Green Flame Blade (SCAG)

1 (1 slot) Witch Bolt, Cure Wounds.

2019-08-08, 06:30 AM
How come spell sniper for the warlock? That's a feat I've never really paid any attention to.

Hmm - it feels to me that it's the skills and out of combat utility of the swords bard vs the slightly greater robustness of the celestial warlock (once I can get mage armour from that invocation at level 2).

Great Dragon
2019-08-08, 09:02 AM
How come spell sniper for the warlock? That's a feat I've never really paid any attention to.

I didn't put the below in, because these were meant to be your PC/s, and so I left as much open for you to put in Backstory and personal Quirks and Goals;

While still showing the Mechanics behind how some of these things could help with the building of the PC's Personality.

But: I envisioned this Warlock as being the type that didn't want their Foes to easily escape, and the increased ranges to all but one of their known spells would help with this; especially Eldritch Blast, since at second level, they could take the Eldritch Spear Invocation for a 600' attack that ignored all but full cover.

People might wonder why I'm always nay-saying their various "powerful" PC builds, and then making one myself.

I'm actually not against optimized Characters, I'm against these being nothing else: Where they have no Backstory, or anything to make them different from any other member of either their Race or Class.

It's just as easy to make, say, a Hill Dwarf Celestial Warlock (making the appropriate changes) and take the Sniper feat at 8th or 12th level, depending on what you want before then.

Hmm - it feels to me that it's the skills and out of combat utility of the swords bard vs the slightly greater robustness of the celestial warlock (once I can get mage armour from that invocation at level 2).

It mostly depends on how you want the Class Mechanics to translate to Roleplaying, and which combat-related options are desired.

Note: There are things in the books that I didn't list, since I am actually supposed to be limited to what is in the SRD, and I figured that most people would be able to look in the books for that information themselves.

2019-08-11, 06:58 AM
Awesome, thank you! This is quite handy to see how mechanics can enhance a character.

I suspect we shall use these as inspiration for the final characters (as you mentioned, just putting our own final spin on the characters), but it's been super useful to have you talk through options with us 😁

Also: like the edits to the ranger!

Great Dragon
2019-08-15, 03:15 AM
Here is something that I'm really having problems with. I got all the Mechanics figured out, but I'm terrible with Histories beyond just listing basic information.

So, while I would welcome Tawmis' magic touch, he seems rather busy right now.

As has been mentioned in (FR Homebrew) Ancient Realms, I'm working on a New Pantheon.

Right now, I could use some help with replacing Mystra as the Deity of Magic.
(I removed the Weave. Arcane Magic being Elemental and "Quantum" mechanical manipulation)

I'm not talking "Knowledge" Domain, just to make sure that's clear. (That's covered by a Lore Bard/Know Cleric Deity - details ASAP)

But, other than being the "Good" side of the Magic/Arcane Domain, I'm drawing a blank.

No Name. (Human, Half-Elf or Half-Orc)

(NG) Personality is very friendly and helpful. Wanting to make the World a better place with magic, but spells should serve a purpose.
Abusers of magic shall be punished.
(Possible Flaw)
Opposed to making Undead.

No History on how s/he became the Good Deity of Magic.

I've got lots of Arcane Casters, and I'm lucky no one has made an Arcane Cleric yet.

I'll keep pondering, and will edit in anything I can somehow come up with.


2019-08-18, 10:16 PM
@ Tawmis: Here's one to ponder, when you get around to it.
5e FR, and Skullport in DotMM start for Introduction to Campaign.
Before that - have fun!
Name: Vippi Padkookkra Gender: Female (serves Silverstream Ancient Silver Dragon)
Race Kobold. +2 Dex and -2 Str
Ht 3'4" * Wt 26 * Eyes: Topaz * Scales: Emerald.
Str 06 Dex 20 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 14 Cha 12
ASIs (4) Dungeon Delver (8) Crossbow Expert (10) Skulker
Background: Survivor: Insight and Survival
Trait: Gossip-monger
Ideal: Spread Love and Joy!
Bond: Will never betray a true friend.
Flaw: Loves to prove themselves superior to everyone.
Class: Arcane Trickster Rogue level 11
Skills: Perception, Investigation (Ex), Stealth (Ex), and Persuasion( Ex)
Tools: Thieves Tools (Ex), Poison Kit. Tinker Tools
Languages: Draconic, Undercommon; Common (250 gp), Elvis (250 gp) Drow Sign (250 gp).
Dwarven (250 gp), and Duergar (250 gp) Gnomish (250 gp)[/spoiler]

I tied her to your own character's origin to explain who she was better than. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=24062333&postcount=258)
There's also references to this kobold (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=24083273&postcount=343) and this kobold. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=24083385&postcount=345)
This one is kind of short and sweet; but because it's tying to a module, I didn't want to take too many liberties with it.
I leave the mystery at the end open to tie to the module, or just be something else entirely!
It's also posted in my thread as well. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showsinglepost.php?p=24096025&postcount=376)
================================================== =====
“Have you heard the news?” Vippi looked around to ensure others were not listening. Her emerald scales glistened like precious stones as several Kobolds leaned closer to see what she had to say. “Turn out,” she wiggled her finger, her high pitch voice drawing even more (perhaps intended?) attention towards her. “Ol’ Blezzel’top knows Naknak and Sindear!”

“Isn’t Sindear the one that got herself captured by Drow, or something?” Joo’kar, one of the Kobolds who had not originally been intended to hear the news, spoke up as he couldn’t help over hearing Vippi’s squeaky voice.

Vippi turned to face Joo’kar, an old friend of hers who had taken up guarding Silverstream’s treasure trove. Silverstream was an ancient Silver Dragon who had taking a liking to the Kobolds who swore loyalty to her after her arrival; her true name was Sruthairgid, but it was nearly impossible to pronounce with the way true Dragons used inflections.

“I hear that Drekekno is going to go after the Drow and try to rescue Sindear,” Vippi added, taking a seat on a jagged piece of stone, seeing a crowd gather around her. Drekekno was one of the few and exceptionally rare Dragonwrought; a Kobold, whose bloodline somehow directly ties into that of the Dragonkin – or so that’s how Kobolds explain it.

“I don’t see why Drekekno would risk his life for someone from a different tribe,” Puuntar jumped into the conversation. He had one eye (the other lost to a Displacer Beast) and that one eye always seemed to be unfocused on anything in particular.

“Because they came to us seeking help,” Vippi replied. “Apparently a war between Drow and Mind Flayers broke out in their home and spilled into their area of the cavern so they were forced to flee. Sindear was apparently captured by trying to do something heroic and save her ex-partner, who had managed to permanently turn himself invisible. So Drekekno, being the hero that he is, thought that her heroic deeds deem her as someone worth saving!”

“Didn’t you have a thing for Drekekno?” Crune, a golden scaled Kobold asked, popping up from around the corner to see this odd crowd that had gathered. “Does it bother you he’s going to rescue a female? What if they fall in love?”

Vippi laughed. “Me? Have feelings for Drekekno? The only feelings I have for him is admiration! You know me! I love everyone! If Drekekno ever needed me, he is a dear friend, nothing more – and I would always be there for him if he called on me.”

She pulled out a dagger and juggled it in the air. “That said, despite the fact that he’s a Dragonwrought, I am pretty sure I am better at everything he does!” She spun her dagger in the air, caught it by the hilt and threw it across the cavern so it stuck to a small piece of wood. “And what I can’t beat him in melee with,” her hands began to glow, “I was also born with magic!”

At this, everyone – having heard the same story about how she was better than Drekekno for the fiftieth time – quickly began to disperse.

“Wait! Come back! I still haven’t told you what else Ol’ Bleezel’top told me! About the passage in the mountain that he found! Come back!” But no one came back. Vippi did indeed love everyone; her genuine passion for her people allowed her to be close to everyone; and this allowed her to gather information that she shared with her guild; but sometimes couldn’t keep the secrets to herself and told anyone who would listen. She loved a good crowd. She would have made for an excellent bard in a another life.

“Fine,” she muttered to herself, sliding off the rock. She looked at her dagger and used the arcane magic that burned in her veins to call the dagger back to her. “I will go check out what’s in the cavern below by myself…”

Great Dragon
2019-09-16, 02:48 PM
The Player was happy to get this.
Thanks !!!