View Full Version : Making Sense of Senses an Alternate Rule.

Lanth Sor
2019-08-01, 05:10 PM
Over the years playing 3.5 and pathfinder something has slowly become a nagging little thumb sticking out. Why are things like darkvision, listed in ranges of feet when they are alternate versions of sight or hearing. Below is my proposed fix to this quam, with a clear guide line to apply. This change can be used to implement alternate perceptions like demon hunter sight in warcraft lore.

There are many different senses that define how creatures perceive and interact with he world around them. Senses include; Dark Vision, Hearing, Low-light Vision, Sight, Smell, Sonar, Soul Sight, Taste, Touch, Tremor Sense.

Each sense a race has as an innate rating determining how difficult checks are with that sense. For humans and any race that does not specify otherwise the default ratings are as follows; Hearing (Average), Low-light Vision (Bad), Sight (average), Smell (Bad), Taste (Average), Touch (Average). Any rating not listed is humans are blind.

RatingSkill ModiferEffect
Blind/Deaf Checks cannot be made
Bad 8 Penalties are multiplied by 4
Poor 4 Penalties are multiplied by 2
Average +0 Use default DC rules
Good +4 Penalties are halved
Extraordinary +8 Penalties are divided by 4
Legendary +12 Penalties are divided by 8
Mythic +16 Penalties are divided by 16
Godly +20 No penalties for distance.

Translating 3.5 and pathfinder

Darkvision 60ft is Darkvision (Average)
Darkvision 120ft is Darkvision (Good)
Bat Swarm Blindsense 20t is Blindsense (Bad) or echolocation
normal Low-light Vision is Low-light Vision (Poor)
Dragon Low-light Vision is Low-light Vision (Average)
Wolf & Dog Scent is Scent (Average)