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2019-08-14, 12:05 PM
So, we read about murderhobos shredding campaings all the time. But what about the other way round, did you ever encounter that?
I'm writing that because... our GM has a lot less strict expectation what good characters should do than the players.
Like... the characters bury the victims of a dragon attack, hold a service, and swear revenge. The GM: get on, you didn't even know them, nobody is so nice as to be concerned with dead strangers!
Or the cleric/paladin comes up with a plan to smoke out the members of an evil cult (literally) but does not want to get through with it because she worries about endangering and possibly killing innocents (and thus, falling). GM: They are EVIL. Nice plan, get out the alchemistical fire.
Or simply giving my bard, who would really like to use his face-skills to redeem people, a better weapon so that (hopefully) he stops talking and starts killing. (/rant)
So, your experiences with goody-two-shoes-players and ehem...realistic GMs?

Just storys, playground, don't advice "find a better suited GM"

2019-08-14, 12:14 PM
I have this problem with my group. I have a mentally disabled man who Idea of good is if I have all the magic items I survive.

Another man who he encourages evil at every turn. His thinking is I bow to no one. So even his "good" characters state I will go neutral on my way to evil. Since he the mental disabled man does not care so long as he gets,what wants they encouge each other.

2019-08-15, 03:03 AM
I fear I may be that DM sometimes...

My players do tend to enjoy going roundabout every possible combat encounter and last session they even fled from a monster... It's very hard to motivate them into fighting anything and sometimes I wish they were a bit more heroic and more aggressive in certain aspects, that may be because I really like to run battles.

There was even a moment where my players gave me advice under which circumstances they would fight so I can try to get them into more battles.

2019-08-15, 06:09 AM
Have you talked about it to your DM?
Let them know you prefer to play peaceful virtuous characters who only resort to violence in extremes. Let the DM express what they find enjoyable about gaming - action scenes, it seems like - and try to find a compromise where you get to play both.

Me, when I'm DMing and my player group bypass a fight with some clever RPing, I might have a moment of "Oh, but my cool encounter!" - but I soon snap out of it and go along with the consequences of their idea. As long as we're having fun playing, it doesn't matter.

The adversarial DM is kind of an old trope that just won't die.

It can also have a big impact depending on the game system you're using. Most RPGs focus their rules on fighting - the majority of the rule books are about fights, weapons, armour, etc. It takes a special kind of person to look at those rules and play the game without fighting.