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2007-10-11, 07:16 PM
I've GMed before, but the first campaign was a huge, arcing "save the world" campaign. This campaign, my second supported one, has a Firefly feel to it. That is, the PCs are just trying to get by. So instead of sending them up against monster after monster, I'm sending more RP, city-based adventures at them. My problem is, I'm having a small problem finding enough delimmas (sic) to throw at the players. They're pretty low-level (actually 1-2 still after their second adventure), so I'm not sure about sending tempter style monsters.

Neon Knight
2007-10-11, 07:24 PM
Why must tempters be monstrous? A highly attractive ordinary woman can just as effective as a succubus.

2007-10-11, 07:25 PM
Try a hostage situation. A group of terrorists at an unknown location demanding that their comrades be released from prison within 10 hours, or they kill one hostage. Or any variation thereof.

Plenty of opportunities for moral angst (do we acede to their demands or ignore them despite the deaths?) and should be doable at low level.

2007-10-12, 03:30 AM
Their local friendly barkeep/innkeeper/merchant has a profitable "side buissness" that is slightly illegal, but not morally outrageous (so no slaver ring, perhaps just normal price gouging or smuggling).
The PC's have a good relation to this NPC, and he does offer good prices towards them, help out with plothooks etc. Will they turn him in to the local authorites ?

Taking a short-term job as bodyguards to a local noble. They are asked to to things they would not normally consider (collecting debts on poor farmers, forclosure, beating up someone who insulted the fop somehow)
Perhaps a "prank" vs some other noble involving hurting somone or theft of something that isnt worth much gold, but has some emotional attachment to the victim).

Taking the job and then finding out what it will include and then turning can give the group a reputation of either being stiff lawful types, good guys or untrustworthy (because they had a contract and went back on their word) depending on who you ask. Now completing said assignment could give them the rep of being bullies, true-to-their-word-trustworthy or mercenary (professional or the bad kind... or both), also depending on who you ask.

That "Delimmic" enough ? :smallwink:

2007-10-12, 10:58 AM
Have them become targets of assasins......celestial assasins.

Like and order of special paladin-esque assasins that beleive the PCs have to die... and then spring from there: the guy who hired them was a noble seeking to simply test their skills and then hire thm if they survived, then they have to work for some batman type guy who is acutally evil and betrays them etc.

It doesn't have to be literally like this though.

2007-10-12, 11:08 AM
My player's favorite city adventure was getting involved in a four way gang war.
Another good one is when a wizard hired them to get back his Rod of Wonder. The Rod was stolen by his apprentice.

2007-10-12, 11:29 AM
What dilemas have you thought of so far, just so I don't duplicate.

2007-10-12, 12:43 PM
In the second adventure, the group was hired to kill a dwarven brewer who was thought to have killed a halfling brewer. The players actually (considering they were expecting a hack 'n' slash campaign) reacted well, in that, they tried to collect evidence before they killed the dwarf.

Tried to collect, because they couldn't sneak into his house/office until their employers threatened their lives for taking too long. However, because of this threat, the players killed the dwarf (and his paid bodyguards in a coup de grace fashion) after the dwarf declared his innocence and pointed a finger at the real culprit.

Galdor Miriel
2007-10-12, 12:49 PM
We had a great one in a combat, nice and simple. Fight going on, a confusion is cast and a mother leaves a baby wrapped up on a balcony. Does one of the PCs risk their friends lives to save the baby????