View Full Version : W&G WiP Guardsmen and Sisters Homebrew. Need help

2019-08-17, 09:42 AM
As said, this is for Wrath and Glory, the new but treated so badly that it had to be given to a different company that will be releasing a Errata'd edition next month supposedly.

Its currently balanced to use my house rules for Attribute costs and Skill Costs to be twice the new value on Attributes and at value for Skills. I also threw in my house rules for Ascension that is so currently messed up to be New Tier - Old Tier. Multiplied by 10, then add 10 for a new cost so that all things can be played at higher Tiers

Battle Sisters and the two non shooty ones here


Guardsmen minus Commander Types and Pilot Types since i just couldn't figure how to write them up with Vehicle Values as they are