View Full Version : DM Help Searching for old book/pamphlet describing specific Aboleth - Need help finding

2019-08-19, 06:44 PM
Bit of a hard one for you with super memory. I'm looking for the name of the book where, amongst other villains, an aboleth is described. I had it on my previous ebook reader but now I've lost it.

This is a powerful (divine?) Aboleth. The text describes it as heading towards the adventurers planet and changing the past to be a better fit for its arrival (making the past optimal for when it arrives). Asking on some DnD discords I've learnt:

It must be 3rd party given how few know of it.
It's not in a dragon magazine.
It isn't a fully fledged campaign/adventure. It's a book giving the seeds for GMs to make a campaign from what few pages there are for the villain.
The book has other such villains. Don't remember anything about them.
If there are pictures they were black and white.
Hesitant to say it is 3.0/3.5 but I vaguely remember those kinds of stats for this epic aboleth final boss.

The text describes the aboleth as a planetwide threat that is coming for the adventurers homeworld. There is some background on how that aboleth came to be so powerful (I remember something about blood, but I might just be confusing it with Piscaethces (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piscaethces)).

I know this isn't common to ask for this kind of help but I hope some of you can help. Use your vast nerd memory. Squint your eyes and look at those non-existant folders of pdfs and help me get a name!