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2007-10-12, 09:10 PM
So I was sitting around designing the generals for the evil empire in my campaign and I decided to give the king some awesome artifacts. This is what I got.

Crown of Kingship: A highly ornate crown that bestows its powers only on those descended from the royal line of Xoria. Gives immunity to poison, disease, mind-affecting spells and abilities, and transmutation. +4 on all saves. +6 on Charisma. Destroyed by being frozen in the magical Dythalid pool.

Gauntlets of Martial Skill: A pair diamond gauntlets used by the King of Xoria. They give the benefit of Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, and Improved Critical in the weapon that the wearer is using. These benefits stack with the feats if the wearer has them and with keen weapon if the wearer is wielding one of those. The Gauntlets also give the user a fighter's attack bonus equal to their HD. The wearer of the Gauntlets cannot be disarmed. Destroyed by being eaten by the Three-Headed Bodak called Antenator, leader of the undead on the material plane.

Diamond Sword of Xoria: A diamond sword that matches its color to the alignment of the wielder. White for Good, Black for Evil, Blue for Law, Red for Chaos. The sword is a +7 Keen Longsword that has the alignment enhancements that match the wielder's alignment (Holy for Good, Unholy for Evil, Axiomatic for Law, and Anarchic for Chaos). The sword counts as a Shortsword, Bastard Sword, and Greatsword for proficiency and feats of the character, but can only get the benefit of Weapon Focus and such feats once from the character and once from The Gauntlet of Martial Skill. The sword deals 3d6 damage and ignores all damage reduction. When the sword is used in conjunction with the Gauntlets of Martial Skill it only has to hit half the AC (rounded down) to count as hitting the opponent. Destroyed by cutting down the pomegranate tree of Hades while being wrapped in Adamantite chains and covered in blood drawn by a Vampire's teeth.

Yeah, not much fluff there, but the idea was these get passed down from the King of Xoria to the next King.

smart thog
2007-10-15, 05:06 PM
Hmmm, interesting.