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Vrock Bait
2019-09-02, 09:27 PM
Now I want to homebrew a Basketmage prestige class.

“A Basketmage is one who not only understands the Weave, but understands our comprehension of it is an illusion. A Basketmage sees that besides a piece of cloth, the Weave can also be manipulated like a basket, a hold of magical power waiting to be tapped on.”

Faerunian Basketweaver, Skill Focus(Craft(Basketweaving))
Ability to cast 5th level Arcane spells.
Craft(Basketweaving) 12 ranks
Special: You must have been taught the way of the Basketmage by another Basketmage

Faerunian Basketweaver
Prereqs:ability to cast 3rd level Arcane spells, Craft(Basketweaving)
Benefit:You can use Basket magic. A number of times per day equal to half your Intelligence or Charisma mod, whichever is higher, you can cast a basket spell. Make a Craft(Basketweaving) check, and divide your result by five(rounding down). You can apply this number as free metamagic levels.
Source: Basketweaver’s Guide to Faerun

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