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2007-10-13, 10:52 PM
Hello all. For anyone interested, the Candlekeep Compendium Volume IX is released, with information compiled and created by the scribes there. There are some really interesting articles this time around, including:

Age of Sail, Part I Brian R. James
Folk of Faerūn: Nadlok Atheon J P Hazelhoff
Untold Stories, collection VIII Chris Jameson, Scott Kujawa
Sprites of Faerūn, Part II Jorkens
The Hin of the Dalelands: Stumphill Jared Rascher
Perilous Portals: The Sea Gates Mark Taylor
Mercenary Companies of the Realms: Redeemers of Dawn Charlie Grimes
Journal of an Apprentice Scribe: Legend of Impresk Lake J P Hazelhoff

While the Compendium is unofficial, the scribes work really hard to make this a useful, fun resource for people interested in the Forgotten Realms, and you may recognize one of our scribes, Brian R. James, from the recent A Grand History of the Realms .

So if you are interested at all in the Forgotten Realms and you are so inclined, give the volume a once over, and feel free to come over to Candlekeep and let us know what you think of it.

Thanks all.

Download the Candlekeep Compendium Volume IX (http://www.candlekeep.com/compendium/Candlekeep_Compendium-Volume_IX.zip)

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2007-10-14, 06:07 AM
Hey, thanks for posting this. I have been following these Compendiums for a while and they have some interesting content. Hope to see some more of these before the 4e transition.